The Office: Livin’ the Dream


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


This is The Office how The Office should be. It felt very season two, which many of us fans believe to be the golden age of the show. As I have mentioned before, I want The Office to be hitting it out of the parks with its last few episodes and I think it achieved that with “Livin’ the Dream.”

In the hour long episode, Andy finally realizes what he wants to do with his life (be an actor) and to assure there are no barriers between him and his dream, he forces David Wallace to fire him. He employs many tactics to make this happen, and while none of them are things people should actually do in real life, it worked for him and I’m happy he’s on his way out. I haven’t been a huge fan of Andy’s since he became Regional Manager, and I’m interested to see where this plotline takes him in the last two episodes of the series. And for the record, I agree with everyone at Dunder-Mifflin in their assessment that he’s going to fail as an actor. When has Andy ever succeeded at a job?

With the Regional Manager position open, Dwight sees the opportunity to take the job he’s pined over for eight years. He has finally earned his black belt (which he received in a ceremony at the office – WTF?) and while his sensei is there to bestow it upon him, Wallace asks him about Dwight’s potential and dedication. You can see the wheels turning in Wallace’s head and he asks Dwight to become the new manager. Obviously Dwight accepts and cries about the fact he has finally gotten his dream job.

With Dwight’s job vacated, it leaves the Assistant to the Regional Manager position open. He offers it to Jim, who has decided to spend more time in Scranton with Pam. He accepts, because as we have learned from Jim, you always say yes when Dwight offers you something. I genuinely think Jim was happy to take it, though, because it gives him more time with Pam. After their hug in the previous episode, things are looking up for the lovebirds. They’re flirting in the office again and when Darryl tells Jim Althead has been bought out and it would require a three-month pitch tour, he turns it down. Pam overhears their conversation, so what do you want to bet she’ll propose an alternative solution next week?

Elsewhere, Angela has entered a downward spiral. Her landlord hauled off her cats and kicked her and her son out of their apartment. She comes into Dunder Mifflin with a cat hair-covered sweater and takes up day drinking. With the Senator not paying child support, she looks into buying a tent to live in. Now, doesn’t Angela have enough evidence against her ex to ruin his career and sue him for child support? Whatever. Oscar offers to let her and Phillip live with him and while they’re driving away at the end of the workday, she admits to him she’s still in love with Dwight. Took her long enough! Where do you see this going in the last two episodes?

All in all, I thought it was a great episode. It’s finally hitting me that this is about to all be over. I’ve loved these characters for nine seasons and to me, “Livin’ the Dream” was a great kick-off to the show’s final farewell.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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