The Office: Lice


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


With The Office in its last season, the writers are finally putting characters together that have never interacted before. In this episode, Jim is away in Philadelphia and his kids get lice. Pam then accidentally brings them to office and of course everyone assumes it’s Meredith that did so. After all, she freely admits to giving everybody pink eye, but this time it was all Pam. Instead of confessing right away, Pam waits until after Meredith shaves her head (!!) and she gets a phone call on speakerphone from her mother discussing the kids’ condition before telling the truth. Meredith forgives her, though, and they go out for a beer and karaoke after work.

I appreciated this pairing and loved seeing these two connect. Their bonding over being mothers and Meredith forgiving Pam for letting her take the blame was sweet. I just wish it didn’t take nine seasons for us to get to watch this unconventional pairing!

While Pam was having a crisis in Scranton, Jim was in Philadelphia attempting to score a new investor in Athlead – former 76er Julius Erving. Not being a huge basketball girl myself, this guest appearance probably didn’t have as much impact on me as it did for others, but it was still fun to see Jim fanboy out.

Pam was not the only one in a predicament, though. Daryl will soon be leaving to join Jim’s agency and wanted to convince Val to break up with him without her catching on to that fact. But of course the non-lice infected that had been relegated to the warehouse had to meddle with that. They persuaded Val to stay with Daryl and couldn’t have been more pleased with themselves. One thing I didn’t get in this whole situation – Daryl jumped through hoops throughout multiple episodes to get together with Val and is just going to give it all up because of long distance? And speaking of long distance, where in the heck is Andy? It’s like he sailed away never to be spoken of again. As much as I don’t like him as boss, I’ve missed having him around.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the new interactions? Do you want to see Andy back soon? And did you have phantom itches in your head the entire episode like I did?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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