The Office Knee-cap: When it Comes to Revenge, Angela Martin is No Emily Thorne


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)



Angela finally confronted Oscar about his affair with her husband. Granted, it took the whole episode with many stops along the way, but we finally know how she really feels – MURDER…and confusion.

This episode had many throwbacks to seasons past, starting with Angela asking Dwight to meet her in their old spot in the warehouse. She doesn’t want him for that anymore; she wants him to help her plot Oscar’s murder with the help of his old volunteer sheriff friend, Trevor. After learning her ultimate goal is murder, though, he talks them down to just a kneecapping. Because that seems a fair punishment for a stranger, right? But when he finds out the target is Oscar and not a woman, Dwight goes to any length necessary to save Oscar from the lead pipe in a sandwich Trevor brought to Dunder-Mifflin.

After a chase around the building, Oscar wrestles the lead pipe from Trevor’s hands and apologizes to Angela. She kicks him and blames him for her husband catching the gay. Later, Dwight comforts her and calls her “monkey” like he used to when they were dating. Then they pay Toby a visit back in HR to ask how someone becomes gay (because there’s no way Angela’s husband could have been gay when they got married). The scene reminded me of Season Two’s “Sexual Harassment.”

In another previous season callback, Pam wears a sweatshirt from Pratt (Remember her stint there in season five?) to paint the mural in the warehouse that Nellie commissioned—or at least attempts to paint the mural. Because try as she may, Pam is a very insecure person, especially because she never finished Pratt and never made it as an artist. So she tries to make up for that by being a good salesperson and never getting a complaint. But when Pete makes a tower of all of Dunder-Mifflin’s complaint cards and the office finds out Pam has never had one, she calls up a client and insults their (recently deceased, overweight) mother with a fat joke. How was she supposed to know? She ends up losing that client and her complaint card completes the tower by going right to the top. By allowing herself to fail, it gives her the encouragement she needs to go back in the warehouse and start the mural.

Jim and his friends are still trying to get their sports marketing business off the ground, and after they decide on a stupid name for the company without him, he and Pam decide he needs to go to Philadelphia a few days a week to help out. Which means he needs to call David Wallace to ask to work part-time. He only agrees after Jim says Stanley and Phyllis offered to help with his workload while he’s away. The only problem is he never asked them. After taking them out to an expensive lunch to beg for their assistance where they proceed to get drunk instead, they finally relent in the parking lot back at Dunder-Mifflin where Phyllis says of course they will help, they love Jim and Pam. Cue the audience: “Awww!”

Although this episode wasn’t a constant laugh-out-loud fest, there were a few funny moments. Anytime Kevin acts like a buffoon tends to get a giggle out of me. For example, I found him describing Pete as “not the sharpest guy in the drawer,” or attempting an accent to pass as Oscar to get Trevor’s sandwich pretty amusing. I also loved Dwight’s comment to Trevor after he asked if he and Angela had been followed – “This documentary crew has been following our every move for the past nine years, but I don’t see them, so I think we’re good.” It’s little comments like this in an episode filled with throwbacks to previous seasons that only loyal fans would catch that make watching this show fun.

Did you enjoy the episode? What were some of your favorite throwback moments I may have missed?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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