The Muppets Recap: Pig Out Review


By Karen Valenzuela, @VictoriaNoir89

The Muppets gave me Muppet karaoke. And I’m a ridiculously happy camper.

The latest episode was full of really great moments (like Muppet karaoke!!!), and the show seems to have gotten a bit of its footing back. Or its pawing back. Hoofing back. Et cetera.

Speaking of bad jokes, the episode starts with Fozzie Bear doing his usual stand-up bit to get the Up Late with Miss Piggy live audience warmed up. He is filled with some doozies that fall flat with his audience, but luckily the always-present Statler and Waldorf are more than happy to help him out. And when I say help, I mean they heckle him and get more laughs with their heckling than he gets with his jokes. Poor bear.

However, Fozzie gets the brilliant(?) idea to get a T-shirt cannon and shoot T-shirts into the audience. It seems to be working out great and the audience is really into it, until the cannon jams. Just when Fozzie’s about to call it quits with the T-shirt cannon, it misfires and blasts a T-shirt straight into Statler’s face, knocking him clear into the row behind him. To make matters worse, he’s unresponsive, even when Waldorf makes a joke at him. (No d’ooooh ho ho ho ho’s this time for Statler and Waldorf.) The EMTs cart him off to the hospital, leaving Fozzie to deal with his guilt.

Fozzie bails on the rest of the show and goes to the hospital to visit his victim. Which, honestly, is incredibly sweet and very Fozzie-like of him. Of course Statler’s response to Fozzie’s concern about his wellbeing is, “That’s the difference between us. If I ever shot you, you’d be lying facedown in front of my fireplace.” Honestly, Statler, cut it out, you butthead. Geez.

Then Statler admits that Fozzie is the only one who’s come to visit. Fozzie gives him a bit of advice, telling him to be a little nicer to people, and maybe they’d be more apt to visit him. He politely offers to get anything Statler needs and receives a list of expensive and silly things. Like a memory foam pillow and an oscillating fan, for instance. When Fozzie gets back with everything Statler asked for, he’s feeling really good about life in general. And then he sees that the hospital bed is empty except for a note that says, “SUCKER!” Good feelings shattered. Happy place abandoned.

Muppets 4 TNM PIC 1
Pepto-Bismol hungover Animal’s friend.

The show has also set up a really interesting subplot starring our favorite patriot and buzzkill, Sam the Eagle. (As always, his eyebrows are amazing.) It seems Sam has a huge crush on Janice. It’s totally and completely understandable. I had a woman crush on Janice as a kid (cough AND NOW cough). She’s the lead guitarist of Electric Mayhem, and she manages to get through life without opening her eyes. Think about how many wires there are on the floor of Electric Mayhem’s stage! Not to mention the hazards on a television set! And she just walks around with her eyes shut. Janice has no chill. Or too much chill? Oh woww like fer surrrre. Go, Sam the Eagle!

Meanwhile, Piggy overhears the crew discussing the nightly meet-up they have after the show. They use that time to kick back and have some drinks. As Muppets do. She immediately goes to Kermit, obviously upset that she’s never invited to these hang-outs. Kermit approaches the situation with his usual rationality. The crew doesn’t invite him, either. They never invite the bosses because this is their opportunity to get their frustrations about the office out, to decompress.

Piggy makes Kermit force the crew to invite her. It’s a dance of appease the pig. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening and why, but they all play their parts nonetheless. When they ask Piggy, they’re under the assumption that she’s just going to say no anyways. (Apparently she doesn’t want to spend time with people who do their own laundry. She said that.) However, Piggy has a change of heart, and instead of saying no like she reassured Kermit she would, she accepts their offer. (Sidenote: Pepe’s “Kermit, what’d joo do?” wins the Best Line Delivery award in this episode. I swear, Pepe’s terror at having his after work time crashed by Miss Piggy sounds like it’s soul-deep. The melodrama. And he said he made an awful Hamlet in high school, but I’ve got his number—no one is more melodramatic than Hamlet, okaay?)

Piggy is her usual self when Kermit confronts her. She manages to completely ignore the his logical approach to the issue, instead focusing on anything and everything that plays into her megalomania. Ohh how wonderful it will be for the lowly crew to spend a night in the presence of a star like moi. Sure, Piggy. Okay.

Once everyone’s congregated at the bar, Piggy proves herself to be that person in the group. The one who doesn’t even realize how unbelievably privileged and rich they are as they blab about their rich person problems. And everyone else just listens like, “Oh cool. We wouldn’t know because we’re scraping the bottom of our pockets just to pay for this pitcher of beer we’re sharing between 6 people.” Luckily the one-sided conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Ed Helms (Hangover I, II, III and The Office). He calls Piggy a sexy side of sausage, which…please never again. Other than that bit of “oh god please no”, he freshens up the episode BIG TIME with his presence.

Unfortunately, Sam isn’t as excited about Ed Helms’ presence because Janice strikes up quite the repertoire with the musician/actor. But of course. They’re both musicians. They both love the banjo. It’s okay, Sam. You’ve got all night.

And then…the karaoke starts. Muppets love karaoke. And there are some absolute GEMS in this scene. It went on for quite awhile and I enjoyed every single minute of it. From the whole crew doing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, to Beaker and Bunsen doing Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe”, it is just pure gold. Pepe is absolutely hammered doing the B-52s “Love Shack” with Gonzo and Rizzo. Like, his eyelids are half closed and he’s definitely not as smooth as he usually is with his voice, okaay? And then there’s the Swedish Chef. Not only does he change out of his crisp white chef’s uniform and take off his chef’s hat, he puts on a nice dress shirt and a tie! After hours Swedish Chef is right up there with popcorn shrimp Swedish Chef. Especially because he sings…wait for it…A little somethin’ somethin’ called “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang. He. Is. Swedish Chef! And he’d like to say “Helloooooo”. Complete with the wiggly finger wave he always does.

Much to my personal delight, Janice sings Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You)”. They couldn’t have picked a better Janice song. You know Janice is a huge 90’s fangirl. I mean she’s always wearing that hat with the flower on it that looks like the one Mayim Bialik wore in her Blossom days. (Whoa…?) And then of course Sam chooses to sing Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”. It’s a lackluster performance, and Janice texts through his whole performance. On top of her laughing with Ed Helms about something on her phone—probably a cat video. It is just a mess for the poor eagle with the epic brows.

Piggy convinces everyone to stay out late and party hard, even though they have a show to put on the next day. When Kermit shows up at the office with donuts the next morning, the lights are off and nobody’s home. When he stumbles upon Yolanda Rat at her desk, totally hungover, she tells him Piggy promised them they could come into the office at 2 o’clock. Angry, Kermit makes Yolanda call everyone to have them come in immediately. And they are all extremely hungover at the meeting—not surprising. Kermit is angrier than I’ve seen him awhile, and it’s clear that the fun night out with Piggy has caused the crew to throw all their eggs in the piggy basket, so to speak, causing them to not take Kermit seriously when she undermines him at the meeting. Kermit has to talk with Piggy again to get the crew back under control, and he digs into his bag of tricks. Taking a page out of Piggy’s book, he uses her own overblown ego to manipulate her into realizing again that she is way out of the crews’ league. She’s too far above them to be spending so much time with them. She plays right into his hands and lets the crew down, uninviting them to the Usher party she’s set up. Fun’s over. (But not for Piggy.)

The episode ends with Statler and Waldorf offering to take Fozzie out to dinner after the show. Statler apparently feels bad for his antics earlier. What a nice show of kindness from the old codgers, right? Wrong. Because when Fozzie excitedly trots away, Statler reveals his intention to leave another “SUCKER!” sign at the restaurant while he and Waldorf eat elsewhere. Giant jerks.

This was a really enjoyable episode, and it gave me a really good feeling about the show going forward. Only time will tell, but first! Here are more really funny bits!

More Really Funny Bits:

  • Gonzo: (gestures to Sam the Eagle) “Broadcast Standards over here won’t let us do a bit where Piggy jumps into a vat of chocolate pudding.”
    Sam: “The network has concerns that a child might jump into a vat of pudding at home and drown.”
    Kermit: “Who has a vat of pudding at home?”
    Sam: “You know Americans struggle with portion size.”
  • Swedish Chef’s Swedish sushi is kind of terrifying. It looks like seaweed-wrapped meatballs skewered onto the top of a sushi roll. Sushi isn’t cooked, so it makes me wonder if Swedish Chef cooks the meatballs. Please, Swedish Chef. Please cook the meatballs. I’m scared for you.
  • Bunsen’s PhD stands for “pretty hard drinking”. This is his joke, not mine. We’re all full of bad jokes here, apparently.
  • When Pepe the King Prawn finds Statler’s dentures and wears them, it’s both hilarious and freaky-looking. “Look at me! I’m Bradley Coopers.” Why having a full set of scary teeth makes him Bradley Cooper, of all people, I have no idea.
  • For someone who always seems so shy, Beaker’s apparently the life of the party after work. His impersonation of Piggy is amazing. “Me me me-me moi…Me me-me-me ME ME ME!”
  • Pepe was definitely wearing a shirt with a dead and peeled shrimp on it. I swear it looks like a dead and peeled shrimp. Dude. Pepe. Wtf, man?!
  • Miss Piggy: “Do these diamonds make me look relatable?”
  • Ed Helms was given the coolest and best guest-starring job of any of the guest stars so far. He got to karaoke with a bunch of Muppets. That was his only job on this episode. He got PAID to KARAOKE with MUPPETS. I’m not bitter! I don’t hate him! (I’m bitter. I hate him.)
  • Hungover Yolanda Rat: “She even introduced us to Ed Helms. He was a fresh egg. At one point he was sitting on my lap. It was fantastic. I couldn’t breathe, but it was fantastic.”
  • Hungover Yolanda Rat: “Ugh uy, I got a poundah…Hey Koimit, be a hero. Get me an eighth of an Advil, will ya?”
  • Bunsen and Beaker end up coming to the meeting hungover and wearing one another’s clothes. If you’ve ever been to that kind of party, with that one super close friend, this is the best joke ever.

There won’t be a new episode of The Muppets this week, so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday, October 27. Catch it at 8pm on ABC!

Rating: 4.5/5

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