The Muppets Recap: Little Green Lie


By Karen Valenzuela, @VictoriaNoir89



Kermit’s nephew, Robin, is paying the Up Late studio a visit! Great news for Robin fans, or people who are fans of freaking SWEETHEARTS because Robin, as always, is an adorable, tiny little frog with a GIANT BIG OL’ HEART!


Anyways, we learn from Kermit that Robin’s parents got divorced, and Robin has had a difficult year, poor little dude. In the past when Robin has visited, the three of them have spent time together. Three being Kermit, Robin…and Piggy. But things are different now that Kermit and Piggy are no longer Kermiggy (Shh it’ll catch on), so Kermit has plans for them to hang out just them guys.


Muppets 14 TNM PIC 1


However, Robin tells Kermit in that adorable heart wrenching way of his that the only thing that got him through the last year after his parents’ divorce was knowing that at least Piggy and Kermit were still together. Then Miss Piggy swoops into the room in that Miss Piggy way of hers and Kermit, whose own heart is a little too big sometimes, makes a split second decision to not tell Robin they’re broken up. He drags Piggy out of the room and asks if she could pretend for just one day that they’re still together, until he can figure out a way to tell Robin the truth.


At which point, I play a game of “Good Idea/Bad Idea” in my head. I land on Bad Idea. But nobody else does. So Kermit and Piggy decide to pretend they’re still together for Robin’s benefit! Great plan, you two.


Kermit asks the rest of the Muppet crew if they can also play along. However, that proves to be a little more difficult. Because they’re Muppets. I mean, come on, Kermit. What did you think would happen?


He tells them that if they think they’re going to have a hard time with it to avoid Robin as much as possible. Fortunately for Kermit, the only Muppet who slips as the day goes on is Swedish Chef, but thankfully Robin has no clue what the chef is saying. By the end of the day, Robin is a little concerned by the fact that he hasn’t gotten to talk to anyone all day, so he invites everyone to play laser tag when Kermit’s trying to keep it just the two of them.


And once again, they’re Muppets, so they miss Kermit’s hints for them not to agree and instead they jump at the opportunity. (It’s laser tag, Kermit. YOU DON’T SAY NO TO LASER TAG! Especially not MUPPET LASER TAG!) Unfortunately for Kermit, earlier on in the day when he asked the other Muppets to lie to Robin about his relationship with Piggy, Scooter told him he couldn’t lie, so Kermit decided to fix the problem by telling him they actually were back together. Because of course that would solve the problem. Except not. (Bad Idea again, Kerms.) Because later on at laser tag, the media shows up, and Scooter informs the not-couple that he tweeted they were back together and the media must’ve gotten wind of it.


Muppets 14 TNM PIC 2


They’re hounded by the media and are forced to admit loud and clear that they are not together. What they don’t realize until a few moments later is that Robin heard the whole thing. Disappointed as only a sweet little frog can be, he runs away from them and hides.


Thus begins a sweet Sesame Street-esque We Aren’t Together Anymore But We’re Still Friends And We Still Love You conversation between Kermit, Piggy, and Robin. Piggy even tells Robin he can call her Aunt Miss Piggy. And it’s safe to say Kermit is very moved by this. HUGE THINGS HAPPENING IN KERMIGGY LAND.


Meanwhile, at the boyzzz house (that’s Pepe, Rizzo, and Gonzo’s house name that I’ve coined just now), Rizzo has erroneously used Pepe’s hair gel, not knowing that it is for spicy hgghairz like Pepe’s and not for rat hgghairz. For a moment, I thought this was the beginning of the typical “Best Friend Roommates Clashing” plotline. The whole “You are using all of my stuff/eating all of my food” thing. And then Rizzo gets his hand stuck to the cereal box because of the hair gel and Pepe does his Pepe snicker, and it looks like all is well after all. I absolutely adored the way they set that up. I see what you did there, show. Ya got me. Ya really did.


Then we find out that Gonzo is no longer a lone…blue thing. Camilla and Gonzo are back together and seeing eye to eye again! Not literally, though, because Camilla is a chicken and thus much lower to the ground. MOVING ON. Camilla seems to be causing a few problems with their living situation now that she’s moved in. They have to label their eggs “Breakfast” and “Possible Offspring”, and she’s ruining their three-man posse hangouts. Pepe and Rizzo miss their wing-man. They can no longer go out to dee clubz because three is always a better posse than two, so they must find someone to fill his shoes!


Muppets 14 TNM PIC 3


That night at Rowlf’s, they interview the three likeliest candidates: Sam the Eagle, Big Mean Carl, and Chip the IT Guy. Which…no. To all three. But whatever floats your yacht, boyzzz. (I’m talking to you mostly, Pepe.) The interview consists of sending the threesome across to the table where three pretty women are sitting and getting said women to want to come over to meet Pepe and Rizzo. Whoever does the best job gets the position of wing-man.


It looks like a total wreck, with Chip eating ice and getting a brain freeze and Big Mean Carl coughing up Piggy’s dog Foo-foo at the table and yelling “YA LIKE WET PUPPIES, LARA?!” at Lara Spencer from Good Morning America. She happens to be one of the women Rizzo and Pepe sick their buddies on and we learn that Pepe and Lara have actually been flirting over twitter for some time. Have you seen the interview with Pepe and Lara Spencer from 2012? That’s some wicked continuity, and it’s fantastic that they got Spencer to make an appearance in the episode.


Unfortunately, things end up bad for Pepe. Turns out their three wingman candidates are really good at wing-manning for themselves, because they leave the bar with the women. And on her way out, Lara tells a very drunk and confused Pepe she loves his “bathtub photos”, but eventually he needs to take a lady on a date. Ouch. She got you, king prawn.


Muppets 14 TNM PIC 4


As it turns out, Camilla is a cool chicken. She bawks at Gonzo during their quiet night in, telling him go out with his buddies. Pepe and Rizzo greet him with open (read: drunken) arms and the boyzzz are back in business! Camilla, you feather-covered gem.


Piggy was at her best in this episode, equal parts sincere and her typical competitive diva self. And her bond with Robin was so heartwarming. Aunt Miss Piggy, d’awwww! Not to mention, there were some major sparks flying between Kermit and Piggy in multiple scenes. Are they headed towards a reconciliation? (gasp!)


And because a Muppet Recapping Muppets wouldn’t be complete without it…


Here are my Muppety Musings:


  • Scooter’s idea of cursing is “WHOOOA! MONDAY FUN TIMES!” Scooter… You dear sweet thing. No, Scooter.
  • Robin has always given me intense feels I’m never prepared for. Just watch his rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and tell me it doesn’t give you a tear. He’s so sweet and innocent, even after all of these years. And still just barely past his tadpole stage. (sniff) Little sweetheart.
  • Robin, don’t eat that!!!
  • Is that what “thick, spicy” hair looks like, Pepe? Hehehe.
  • Rizzo: (About Camilla) “I hoid she dated the tigah that ate Roy. Yeah, which is pretty risky because he had a gambling problem.”
  • Pepe: “It’s a disease.”

Rizzo: “Yeah…”

  • Gonzo slipped during couples yoga and kneed Camilla “in the dark meat”. I screamed when he said that. A legitimate scream.
  • HEY! Hey, Rizzo! Don’t you go judging Logan’s Run, okay? Because it might not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it stars Michael York and everything he touches turns to gold so STOP THAT.
  • Rizzo: “Now that we lost Gonzo, we gotta find a new wing-man. I mean if it’s just two of us, it’s awkward.”
  • Pepe: “Sí, sí. Because, eh, two people is a couple or dee surviving members of an aging rock band. Three? Tha’z a posse.”
  • Kermit: “They’re all busy and have fulfilling lives!!” (hint hint hint hint)
  • Sweetums: “I don’t! My fish died ‘cause I hugged ‘im too much.”

Fozzie: “I’m available! It’s one of Becky’s five quiet nights a week.”

Scooter: “Yeah, and if I stay home tonight, I’ve gotta watch my mom and Ken practice active               listening.”

  • MUPPET LASER TAG!!! That is all.
  • “You know, I did not expect to like laser tag this much. But for someone like me who bottles up all of her emotions, this feels reeeally goooood.” Oh I hear you, Miss Piggy. OH. I. HEAR. YOU.
  • “Oh good Lord” is the appropriate reaction to anything that comes out of Chip’s mouth. And speaking of mouths, can Big Mean Carl just eat Chip the IT Guy already? Although that would probably make him feel how I get after I accidentally eat MSG. Ugh.
  • So apparently Pepe’s been taking pictures of himself in a toy boat in the bathtub and photoshopping the Mediterranean into the background, then sending those pictures to Lara Spencer. I mean…how charming is that? Pretty damn charming.
  • “Noooooooooo! You made me the first person to lie on twitterrrrr!!!” Oh, Scooter…Scooter, no.
  • Serious question. How did they get drunk Pepe’s eyelids to do that? It’s brilliant. Or do they have two Pepe puppets, one that’s sober and one that’s drunk? See? Serious question.
  • Rowlf playing “As Time Goes By” from Casablanca while Kermiggy are having a moment…genius. And then Kermit was like, “We’ll always have Muppet Treasure Island.” …He didn’t actually say that. It just happened in my head.
  • “Let’s have an ironic pillow fight like in all those movies made by men.” BRIIILLIAANNTTTT!


Check out the SEASON FINALE of ABC’s The Muppets next Tuesday, March 1 at 8:30pm ET/PT!


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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