The Muppets Recap: Got Silk?


By Karen Valenzuela, @VictoriaNoir89


So, this was clearly the cutest episode of any show ever in the history of shows. I legitimately cried twice. Okay, so the first cry was because I was laughing at Big Mean Carl again. But the second cry was from being heartwarmed. Melty heart cry!


Now that Up Late with Miss Piggy has a new direction, new skits featuring some of the other Muppets have been added into the show, giving Miss Piggy a little less air time. (Which is good in at least one way, because at least she won’t have Lew Zealand throwing a fish at her face…um, again.) Feeling unimportant and left out, she announces that it’s good she isn’t needed on set as she has so much other stuff to do.


Uncle Deadly sweeps to the rescue, loudly announcing that Piggy is going to call Beyoncé. Deadly and Piggy try to figure out someone else she can call to meet up with, because Queen Bey isn’t actually going to happen. But Piggy has alienated virtually everyone she’s ever been friends with. And so they must work together to get Piggy a new bestie! Hopefully someone that she doesn’t immediately ruin things with, since historically that has been a problem for her.


When Janice wanders into Piggy’s dressing room while looking for the copy room, Piggy asks the always-cool-and-popular Muppet how she’s made so many friends. Janice mentions her aerial contortionist class. Piggy, Janice, and Uncle Deadly race off to the class with hopes of finding Piggy a new bestie.


Unfortunately, Piggy bombs with the first person she meets at the aerial contortionist class. She insults Gwen the dental hygienist enough times that when it’s time to partner up for exercises, Gwen hurries off to partner with Janice. In fact, while everyone else finds a partner, Piggy finds herself partnerless. Uncle Deadly swoops in to save the day, pretending “Jeremy” is calling from the studio because Piggy is “indespensible” and needs to return right away.


Miss Piggy, Uncle Deadly, and Gloria Estefan.


Meanwhile, Pizza (still pronounced PAH-chay) has come back to Up Late With Miss Piggy. Apparently the network loves what he did with the show (oh please, Pizza) and he’s come up with another way for the show to “make cheddar” (shut up, Pizza): Product placement! Kermit tells Pizza his writers would never compromise their artistic integrity just to pitch what’s basically a commercial for gluten-free yogurt on air. When Pizza gives him typical Pizza ‘tude, Kermit stands his ground and says he’ll tell his writers about it himself.


Pizza ignores Kermit’s request and goes straight to the writers’ room where Pepe, Rizzo, and Gonzo are trying to decide where to order lunch. He strokes their egos, telling them they’re the soul of the show, and invites them out to eat with him. “Unlike Kermit, I appreciate you.” Uh oh. He also takes them to his own tailor, who gives Pepe, Rizzo, and Gonzo each a très très classy look. (They even run into Ru Paul, and you know this is a good tailor if Ru Paul goes there, because Ru Paul is ALWAYS FABULOUS!)


Ru Paul is fabulous.


When the boyzzz get back to the studio wearing their fancy tailored suits, slow-motion strutting to “Little Green Bag” by The George Baker Selection no less, they tell Kermit they’ve come up with a great new sketch–a commercial for Pink Berry. Kermit tells them they can’t keep the suits because the show has a policy against bribery, which is exactly what Pizza did. When the writers get some positive comments on their new looks from the others–namely Rizzo getting the eye from his dream-rat, Yolanda–Kermit feels bad and comes up with an idea to let them keep their suits while not going against the show’s policy.


Ru Paul guest stars on Up Late for a segment called, “Garbage Bag Challenge with Ru Paul”. Swedish Chef and Bobo do a fashion face-off, designing fashion-forward outfits using only the garbage bags Ru Paul provided them with. Sweetums models Swedish Chef’s garbage bag outfit, and then Gonzo, Pepe, and Rizzo catwalk onstage in the new suits Pizza bought for them. Pizza’s miffed that they did the Ru Paul segment instead of mentioning Pink Berry like they were supposed to, but Sass-Masta-Kermit tells him that because they used the suits in the show, it’s covered by their wardrobe budget. He hands Pizza the check to reimburse him and the disgruntled butthead shuffles off.


As the show goes to commercial, Piggy glances around the stage as she sits at her desk in the dark, and notices that she’s totally alone while everyone else is chatting. She sadly hangs her head as Uncle Deadly appears at her side. She asks him if she’s that hard to like. His response is pure Muppet. While she makes it hard sometimes, a real friend wouldn’t want her to be anyone other than herself. He hints that she does have a friend like that–him. Aaaand she completely misses his hint, still assuming she’s totally alone.


But then the show comes back and musical guest Ingrid Michaelson sings “The Way I Am” with Piggy. As Piggy sings, Uncle Deadly helps her from behind the camera, guiding her through the song, and he starts singing with her under his breath. It’s then that Piggy realizes Uncle Deadly is her friend. You know that feeling in your chest that you get when you’re so moved that your eyes sting and you can feel your heart pounding in your ears? That’s what this moment did to me. (And to think I’d nearly forgotten how utterly sweetdorable that song was. Thanks for reminding me, Muppets!)


Earlier on in the episode, Deadly mentions a gender-swapped stage show of Clueless he’s producing, and he’s ignored by Piggy when he tries to ask her to attend. At the end of the episode, we see Uncle Deadly preparing to go onstage. As the curtain goes up, he sees that not only has Piggy come to watch the show, she’s bought the whole Muppet crew with her. It gave me more melty heart tears.


And that, folks, is exactly what The Muppets are all about. Accepting yourself, accepting others. Friendship. Kindness. Support. Love. And, of course, laughter.


And now for some Muppet Musings:

  • I feel like Bobo is the type of friend any girl would want. Go to Bobo’s after a fight with the boyfriend and Bobo will be like, “YOU STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! Ugh. Typical guy, am I right?” And then you’d eat ice cream together and watch Sex in the City and talk about how Samantha is the best character on the show because she’s so liberated.
  • The best thing about Lew Zealand is the little sound he makes when he throws a fish. It’s like a “HYA!” mixed with a “HUP!” And it is great.
  • Uncle Deadly: “A large part of my days are spent trying not to answer questions in ways that will make Piggy look too deeeeeply into the abyss of her oooown looooneliness. …I usually bring up snacks.”
  • I want to go to Bridge night with Uncle Deadly and the Wellingtons. I WOULD ENJOY THAT SO MUCH. I JUST KNOW IT.
  • Janice: (walks into Piggy’s dressing room) “Oh wwwooowww! This is the nicest copy room I’ve ever seeeeen!”
  • Gonzo: “Pepe! Island Themed just means there’s a pineapple in your burger. You take it off!”
  • Rizzo: “Yeah, but you can’t get rid of the juice.”

Gonzo: “You’re a rat! I’ve seen you eat garbage!”

          Rizzo: “Not with a pineapple on it!!!!”

  • Pizza’s glasses look like the plastic Harry Potter glasses I wore all night at my friend’s slumber party when I was a kid. In other words, they look cheap as all get-out.
  • Okay, you got me. I wore the Harry Potter glasses to a party when I was, like, 16.
  • Fine I’m still wearing them Harry Potter is amazing leave me alone.
  • I love that Pepe repeatedly calls Pizza “Poncho” throughout the episode. Pizza doesn’t even correct him which is even funnier.
  • Pizza: “You guys look like you’re starring in a commercial for depression meds.”
  • Rizzo: “Hey, Ru Paul. Little late in the season for Santa Claus boxers, dontcha think?”

Ru Paul: “Excuse me, Anna Wintour. They don’t stop being underpants in January. Snap.”

  • Pepe: “Look at me! Look at me! I am dee Al Caponezz. Hggheeeyyy!! Ohhhh! Chicagooooo! …I…don’t know much about the guy.”
  • Every single time, Big Mean Carl’s anger-yell voice makes me laugh really hard. Because I’m never expecting it when it happens. This time Kermit’s looking for the writers, and Big Mean Carl sees an opening to pitch his own sketch idea: “I play a hypnotist! Okay, close your eyes. …YOU’RE GETTING VERY SLEEPY!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Yolanda: “I mean, Sweetums looks like he’s part of a car wash.”
  • Sweetums: “Heeey!! John Mayer left this scarf in the green room!”
  • Moonstruck reference alert!!!!!!! Pepe slaps Gonzo and goes, “Snap out of it!” Also, Pepe smacking at Gonzo’s head with his four arms was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. “Why joo hhgghave to say so many crazy tings?!” (slap! slap! slap! slap!)
  • Kermit: “Hey, guys! Don’t ditch the suits yet! (sees Gonzo in his boxers) …And uh, uh please, could you always wear your pants in the office?”
  • Rizzo: “Okay, Mr. Naked.”
  • I’m so impressed with the way they implemented Ru Paul’s catchphrases from Ru Paul’s Drag Race into his guest spot. “That’s sickening!!” and “Wow me.” It’s simply dragnificant.
  • I’m using “turtle” on my friends now. Posing for a picture? “Turtle! TURTLE!”
  • Uncle Deadly as Cher from Clueless……I mean, it’s genius.
  • Pepe’s impersonations of “People Who Wear Suits” made me laugh so hard, my stomach hurt. I’d watch a half hour show of just that. “I am jer businessman father who spends all his time at dee office. BUY! SELL! I HAVE A SECOND FAMILY!”


Muppets 13 TNM PIC 3

Pepe’s President Obama impersonation.


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