The Muppets Recap: Generally Inhospitable/Because Love


By Karen Valenzuela, @VictoriaNoir89


ABC’s The Muppets ended its first season Tuesday night with an hour long double whammy of feels!


They started the night off with “Generally Inhospitable”, in which Piggy is rehearsing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” dance (read: diva-ing) when she takes a bad fall and breaks her leg. She resists both Kermit and Uncle Deadly when they try to get her to go to the hospital–I assume a fear of hospitals is the reason, and I really can’t blame her there.


As the creative director (or whatever he is), Pizza takes over the show when Kermit takes Miss Piggy to the hospital, but he tells him he has to replace Piggy with this female DJ he knows so that the show can go on. Kermit asks Pepe, Rizzo, and Yolanda to make sure Pizza doesn’t do anything until Kermit can come up with a way to keep this from happening.


They enlist Big Mean Carl, Chip the IT Guy, and Sweetums to help them stop Pizza. First, Big Mean Carl has the brilliant idea to take Pizza’s phone and eat it. Great plan, Carl! But then Pizza thanks him because he was ready to upgrade his phone anyways. A spur of the moment unanimous decision has them charging at him. He locks himself in Up Late musical guest Willie Nelson’s dressing room, and the Muppets have effectively kidnapped the “branding expert”.


As it turns out, Piggy needs surgery for her broken leg, which means she won’t be making it back in time for that night’s show. Bad news bears for the Muppets, but Piggy in particular. She tells Kermit that she grew up on a farm, and there, whenever a pig got a broken leg they disappeared and never came back. Her current predicament is the Hollywood version. She’s sure that if Pizza’s lady DJ takes her place, that’ll be the end of her career. Eager to find a way to make sure that doesn’t happen, Kermit comes up with the plan to shoot the show from Piggy’s hospital bed.


But the Muppets back at the studio are getting restless. They keep hearing Pizza’s phone ring in Big Mean Carl’s belly. People will start to get suspicious if they keep calling Pizza and he doesn’t answer! Rizzo comes up with a plan. Earlier on in the episode, Yolanda does a top-notch Pizza impersonation, so Rizzo goes rappelling into Carl’s stomach to retrieve the phone, and Yolanda takes up the job of answering the phone and pretending to be Pizza. They cause heaps of mischief, however, when they discover just how powerful they are while holding Pizza’s phone in their Muppety hands.


Sweetums is in charge of guarding Pizza, and he has a heart to heart with his captive. He discovers what makes Pizza such a massive douche-canoe. His father never said he loved him. Poor Pizza has big time daddy issues. Once Kermit is able to tell the others about his plan to shoot the show from Miss Piggy’s hospital room, the kidnappers decide they’d rather not go to “dee jailz” for kidnapping Pizza. Instead, they get Pizza’s dad on the phone, and Yolanda impersonates his son. She hands the phone to the real Pizza just in time for him to hear his dad tell him he loves him, and he has a revelation! His dad wants him to take over the family sporting goods store and he has to go home! Byeeeee.


The show goes off without a hitch. Except–because there’s always an except–Miss Piggy accidentally overdoses on the morphine drip and is higher than a kite by the end of it. So high, in fact, that after the episode finishes and they start wheeling her away for her surgery, Miss Piggy tells Kermit she loves him. (Although, she also tells the “hand sanitizer dispenser thingy” she loves it, too.) Kermit replies in kind, then repeats it again to himself. At least, he thinks it’s to himself. BUT ALAS, the camera was left on, and the entire crew back at the studio hears him. (Cue Kermit’s “Sheesh” and head shake.)


Muppets 15 and 16 TNM PIC 1

Willie Nelson is Up Late’s musical guest in episode 15.


“Because…Love” picked up 3 hours after “Generally Inhospitable” left off, with Kermit seeking advice from Rowlf now that he’s realized how he feels about Miss Piggy. He has to decide what to do about it. Rowlf has him flip a coin because that’s always a really good thing to do for a really important, life-changing decision. (Like all dogs, Rowlf is great at being cute and not great at giving advice.)


When Kermit gets back to the studio the next day, he finds the rest of the Muppets discussing whether or not he and Piggy should get back together. A valuable use of their time, to be sure. It seems since the night before, they’ve broken themselves into two teams: Team Love, captained by Pepe the King (of looove) Prawn and Team Friendship, captained by Yolanda the Rat–because MEN, am I right?


They’ve even made a list on the pros and cons of Kermiggy getting back together. (And also a list of what they want for lunch.)


Candy Corn????

Candy Corn????


As Kermit attempts to get the crew back on the topic of the show, the Muppets continue to derail, even going so far as to put some seeds of doubt in Kermit’s mind. Bruno Mars has cancelled, they inform him, citing the fact that he only wanted to come onto the show to woo Piggy but he heard from his manager about the “I Love You’s”. Now they’re without a musical guest–Kermiggy has already ruined a thing! Gosh!


And it’s just in time for Piggy to make her appearance, having been told by Uncle Deadly about her morphine-induced admission of love, and about how Kermit said it back. She swings into the room dramatically, looking everywhere for him, and we discover that he’s hiding from her. For a guy who’s green, that’s pretty yellow. (I had to.)


With Kermit having disappeared, the studio is a mess. Not to mention how distracted he is, messing up emails, and altogether being very very bad at his job. Fed up with the state of things, Yolanda and Pepe go looking for their leader and find him conducting business while hiding in his desk drawer. They hound him again about what he should do about Piggy, and he finally snaps, saying he’s going to tell Piggy they can’t be together. Then he leaps (Get it? ‘Cause he’s a frog.) out the window to “talk to Bruno Mars’ agent in person”. But with the way he dives out of there, it’s apparent he’s still trying to avoid Miss Piggy.


Pepe ignores what Kermit says and has Uncle Deadly tell Piggy that Kermit is going to make a big, grand romantic gesture, but she has to be patient. Luckily for Pepe, while Kermit is driving through LA, he has a chance meeting with Jack White formerly of the White Stripes. Not only does Jack solve his musical guest issue, he also uses Pepe’s “BUT LOVE!” phrase and changes Kermit’s mind back. Fickle frog.


Where can I buy this T-shirt?

Where can I buy this T-shirt?


Meanwhile, Piggy arrives to the set early and the Muppets inadvertantly ruin everything for Kermit, informing her that he changed his mind a couple of times in the interim. And then Genius Bear Fozzie mentions that Kermit also flipped a coin to make the decision. Needless to say, that does not go well, and Piggy’s fed up with Kermit the Waffler. She decides she’s leaving for Thailand that night after the show. Womp. But let’s have three cheers for Piggy who’s STANDING UP FOR HERSELF. She refuses to let him hurt her again. YOU GO, PIGGY!


Kermit’s grand gesture of love, completely organized by Captain Pepe of Team Love, is a huge hit with everyone…except for Piggy. She leaves the studio altogether, and Kermit’s too late to catch up with her. But then he shows up on her plane before she takes off for Thailand. He gives it one last dash effort, and Piggy passes out before she can answer, having downed an Ambien and two glasses of champagne. As Kermit finds his seat, sneaky Captain “But love!” Pepe reveals himself to be on the plane–a bit obsessively if not creepily–to do whatever he needs to do to make Kermiggy a thing again.




This was a great ending to what I hope isn’t the last we see of ABC’s The Muppets. There’s no word yet on whether the series will receive a second season. CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR THEM! (Or hooves or paws…whatever you might have, you Muppety rascals!)


The Ultimate Muppety Musings (For Now):


  • Peace and bless, foooo’s.
  • “FOCUS…on the encased treats…just waaaiting to be set freeeeee,” Uncle Deadly said melodramatically.
  • Yolanda: “Hey, Carl. Can you use them things on the top o’ ya head? They look like they should be able to hear stuff real good.”

Big Mean Carl: “THEY’RE VESTIGIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NO MAKEUP?!?!?! …Could we get a second opinion?” Uncle Deadly said, melodramatically again.
  • I need Chip the IT Guy to never dance again. But then I also I need a GIF of him dancing. It’s like a car wreck; how it’s so gruesome and chilling, but you can’t stop looking. Why does he need to do that with his tongue?!?!
  • Am I crazy for wanting The Muppets to kidnap me? I also feel like I need a long talk with Sweetums to figure out where I’ve gotten all of my emotional hang-ups.
  • “Ants on a log” IS yummy!!!!
  • “Why is Miss Piggy talking like my aunt who lives in a pay-by-the-hour motel?!” – Scooter
  • “Ooo! If we get snapdragons, I call dibs! They look like my face!” – Pepe


  • Are you all Team Love or Team Friendship? I’m leaning towards Team Love, because I am a sucker for dee romannnnzz, okaaay?
  • Kermit, you’re coming on a little strong there with that whole sending the kissy-face emoji before even talking to Miss Piggy. Slow your roll, frog.
  • “I, like, like like, but I, like, love love, so, like, I’m on Team Love.” Janice words of wisdom.
  • Yolanda and the fan! As a fellow small creature, I relate to that tiny rat woman on a spiritual level. Windy days are the worst.
  • Geri and the Atrics as a band name is PRICELESS. I bet they do polka.
  • “Kermit, there’s no need to fear dee LAAAHHHVV!” – Pepe, captain of Team Love
  • I SAID BUT LAHV!!!! (sprays perfume in dee face, okaaay?!!)
  • That act was awful, but I want a “Muppephone” really bad now.
  • Hey. Hey, guys….. Hey…. MANNA MANNA! Doo doooo doo doodoo!! You’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head for the next year and a half.
  • WAFFLING! (holds out hand waiting for someone to put a waffle in it) HEY! CAHM AHN!


That’s it for now. If this is fated to be the last we see of ABC’s The Muppets, it’s been a wild ride. Thank you for taking it with me, everyone! (Kermit flail) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!




“Generally Inhospitable”

4 out of 5 stars



4.5 out of 5 stars

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