The Librarians: Season Three Highlights and Future Theories


By: Angela Russo (@Amaruki99)
Last month, The Librarians wrapped an exciting third season and was officially renewed for a fourth to the delight of fans everywhere. The librarians, Jenkins, and Eve waged a season-long battle against Apep, the Egyptian deity of chaos. A task made more difficult by the interference of D.O.S.A., a covert government agency bent on finding and locking up magical creatures and artifacts. This season brought many surprises and transformations for the team. Cassandra’s tumor has been successfully removed, leaving her synesthetic abilities more powerful than ever. After an intervention and much self-reflection, Flynn learned to give up the burden of saving the world by himself, allowing Stone, Ezekiel, and Cassandra to combine their skills and make Apep mortal, sparing Flynn from making the ultimate sacrifice.
As Librarians fans hunker down to wait out the nine month hiatus, I find myself eagerly wondering what season four may have in store. Past story arcs have treated us to episodes featuring Ezekiel taking the lead when a video game and magic collide, Cassandra and Stone facing Frost Giants, and Eve and Flynn working to restore the spirit of the Library. Now that Flynn’s lone wolf tendencies are starting to take a backseat, the librarians will need to adjust to a new personality in the mix. I would enjoy seeing him embark on some duo missions and group ventures with the other librarians. An Ezekiel-Flynn team-up mission would certainly be quite amusing. It’s hard to forget Flynn’s explosive reaction in the pilot episode when he discovers the Library sent a letter to Ezekiel Jones.
So far, we haven’t really had the opportunity to see much of Ezekiel’s past. A reluctant confession in season two revealed that he was once an operative of MI6. This unlikely revelation leaves me wanting more. How was he recruited? What lead to his departure from the agency? Despite a facade of shallow self-absorption, his actions have indicated a kind and noble heart. What have the earlier chapters of his journey been like? Exploring his backstory in greater detail would definitely be worth watching.
Cassandra’s successful operation was a surprising turn of events for me. Many fans, (myself included) shared the assumption that it was inoperable, requiring some magical quest to resolve the problem. That being said, the results certainly hold much to look forward to. This change has me thinking back to the first season when Colonel Baird witnessed a reality where Cassandra is a wise and powerful sorceress – sans tumor. Although she has recently vowed not to abuse her newly heightened powers or dabble in magic, it is improbable that her talent is something that can simply be ignored or turned off. Even before the operation, her abilities were a unique and inextricable part of her, emerging almost without her bidding. While I agree that prudence is merited, I view her powers as a gift to be developed and nurtured, rather than something to be feared and stifled.
This natural “mathemagical,” aptitude has been enough to draw the attention of The Lake, garnering an invitation to join them. It would be interesting to see if her recent transformation has caught their attention once more. I am definitely eager to explore The Lake in greater detail. In spite of their assistance in the fight to defeat Prospero, Jenkins seems to hold trepidation for their methods and intentions. As an immortal, Jenkins remains a wellspring of endless mystery and adventure, well-versed in the ways of magic and mythology. His history and experience have been integral to the show on numerous occasions. This leads me to wonder what dealings he has had with The Lake in the past. Are they truly a force to be feared?
Morgan Le Fay is a notable figure from Jenkins’s past. Last time we saw her, she had a message for him: “Don’t fear the villain, fear the hero.” We never really receive closure for this. Was it a seed planted early on by the writers for a future date? Could it be related to Puck’s ominous tease about Jenkins’s undoing? What if Morgan Le Fay’s warning refers to an inner battle for Cassandra – a hero? Is her future still intertwined with Morgan’s? Cassandra’s alternate reality persona mentions that she received some training from her. Since her powers are evolving as Eve foresaw, could events from the alternate realities still come to pass? While I fully believe that Cassandra is at her core a hero, enough doubt has been sown to suggest that an internal power struggle could still be waging. She faces a challenge that none of the other librarians have – she is the only member of the team who possesses an innate magical ability. This places her in a unique position for a debate that has been a recurring theme throughout the entirety of the Librarians series: what is the best way to deal with magic?
The Library, Serpent Brotherhood, The Lake, and D.O.S.A. all have their own philosophies on the subject. Season three closes with the Librarians pondering this question on a very personal level, ultimately concluding that with great power comes great responsibility. When I ponder the issue myself, I am conflicted. Magic in the hands of the wrong people can be dangerous. However, it is becoming apparent that magic is a stronger and more prominent force in the world, frequently falling into the hands of the inexperienced with unintentionally negative consequences. An alternate strategy of education and awareness may become a practical step to consider to supplement their conservative approach. I look forward to seeing this debate unfold further as the show progresses, hopefully in relation to The Lake. Regardless of what the future may hold for the Librarians, magic still runs wild in the world, and their adventure continues on!

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  1. Jack NastFebruary 15th, 2017 at 8:23 am

    I second your analysis and charcter commentary. You must have magical fan powers yourself.

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