The Guild: Vork Starts a Riot; All Seems Lost


by Marcus Luera

Poor Codex, this is perhaps the saddest opening ever.  She feels awful about what happened with Floyd.   Zaboo finds that his digital soul mate is gone forever.  A nice little montage follows after he is rejected by his virtual lady, after which he runs into Codex and Tink.  Codex confirms she has been fired to both of them.  That is when Clara and Bladezz show up.  Let’s just say neither got what they wanted.  Tink reveals that Donovan leaked the expansion pack.  Another surprising development: Floyd hired security or called the cops, so Bruiser is there, still holding a grudge against the Knights of Good.

Now to the main story of the episode, Vork is busy making grand speeches from atop his dragon, but his movement is co-opted by the black knight.  The attempt to get his complaints about the game has now turned violent.  That’s right, what Madeleine warned Vork about comes to pass. By chance, she sees Vork on a computer and begins to get impressed by him and his passion.  Of course that’s about the time the riot starts.

Wow, that was a lot of action packed into the shortest episode of the season.  This episode was just amazing, a very fun one that did not let you catch your breath.  Who did not see Clara and Bladezz’s deal falling through?  You always feel for Codex, but this opening was about as bad when she started crying at her party.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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