The Guild: Strange Frenemies


by Marcus Luera

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  That’s the Codex quote that starts the episode as, much to her annoyance, most of her guildies are still running around the office.

First on Codex’s list is Zaboo, still posing as an IT guy. He has become more liked than Codex.  He actually helps her by doing his thing and giving her much needed info on her boss.  Also, a great mix up happens and Floyd takes Zaboo’s dream woman collage.  Shockingly, when we catch up to Tink she is actually helps Vork after his fight with Madeleine.  Even with her lack of interest, she manages to give Vork some good advice.  Also we learn she bases her relationship philosophy on Ferengi philosophy.

Clara is only too happy show her husband the great comments she is getting from the video Bladezz posted.  She begins to tell her husband her plans for giving advice and making more videos, but he cuts her off.  He believes her time is better spent with kids and he is actually unimpressed with this development.  Bladezz though pushes Clara to make more videos.

Back to Codex, first she finds out one of her duties is to burn her bosses socks in a special barrel behind the office, then thanks to Zaboo’s info, she sets up his office to put him in the perfect mood to work and perhaps finally approve the expansion pack.   Just as he seems to back on track and liking the expansion, Floyd gets a nasty surprise in the form of Vork crashing through his roof with a folder in his hand.  The folder is most likely filled with complaints, as he mentioned a few episodes back.

Overall, another homerun for the folks over at the Guild, this was a very satisfying episode.  Sadly it looks like Vork is about crush Floyd’s soul, Tink is still roaming around Codex’s office, and Bladezz is so desperate for fame he may actually ruin Clara’s marriage to achieve it.  Felicia Day tweeted that episode had the best ending so far, and I agree.  I did not see it coming.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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