The Guild: End Game


by Marcus Luera

Season Finale time folks, and Ms. Day and company gave us a good one. Vork, Bladezz, and Clara all got happy endings this season.  Tink grew a little and seems to be on her way to a somewhat healthy relationship with Donavan.  In fact, you can say Zaboo is the only character that didn’t receive a real conclusion to his story.  The big arc was Codex. We saw her grow up and really come into her own.   She took control and got Floyd to face his haters.

All season long, the Floyd storyline has mirrored Felicia Day’s own bad encounters with critics of not only the show, but of her personally.  She did what all good writers do; she took the aggravation of that negativity and channeled it into her show.  The result was a fun and great season.

She wrapped up major story lines and brought Codex to a way better place than when she started. Think back to when we met Codex; she was unemployed, and being hung up by her therapist.  Her life was the game and not much else.  Then she decides to meet her guildies after Zaboo dropped in on her, and their lives became entangled with one another.   They have become friends; more so, they became a family.

As Codex closes the season talking to the camera, you feel happy for her that life has been improved by her time in the real world with her guild.  You also get the feeling that is more than a season finale; honestly, it could work as a series finale.  As she shuts off her computer, it feels like not only is Codex saying good bye, but so is Felicia Day.   In her tweets she has not said one way or the other if this is the last we will see of The Guild, but if it is, she ended on a very high note.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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