The Guild: Dialogue Options


by Marcus Luera

Codex opens the episode with a mixed greeting, only to have her cam drawn on.  From there we go to Floyd’s office where he is giddy about scraping the expansion, but avoiding coming up with a new idea. Vork continues efforts to impress Madeleine and right the wrongs of the game, and gaining support—there are now #FreeVork buttons!

Tink has firmly implanted herself in the office via her “relationship” with Floyd’s nephew.  She has him wrapped around her little finger to the point that he retracts his insult to Codex after she smacks him in the chest.  The tipping point has been reached between Bladezz and Clara.  Clara convinced Bladezz’s mom to stay with Bruiser.  Bladezz desperation to get Clara to convince his mom to dump him forces Clara’s hand—she has left his YouTube channel to create her own.  Bladezz vow revenge via Wiggly.  Wiggly seems to have given up being the adult in his relationship and continues down the path of irresponsibility.

Zaboo seems to have moved into the test server.  He is completely overwhelmed by attraction to a fake character in the expansion.  Codex, in an attempt to try and maybe get it or some version of it, released tries to get notes from Zaboo.  She is quickly summoned to Floyd’s office for some shocking news: all the details of the expansion pack have been leaked online.

Just pure awesomeness this week, and this was a very fast-paced episode.  Also, what a bombshell with the leak! Floyd’s reaction is going to be great next week.  So where do I get my #FreeVork button?

Rating: 5 out 5 stars

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