The Games That Time Forgot: Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks!


By Holly Bartolo
If there’s one game that I remember playing on my green Game Boy Color, it’s the game that was based around everyone’s favorite cat and mouse duo – Tom and Jerry! It certainly wasn’t my favorite game – seeing that the game had seemingly endless faults (no save points), yet it succeeded in bringing a fresh and classic arcade game style to the Game Boy.
Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks wasn’t the first game released with these two cartoon icons on the Game Boy, and it certainly wasn’t the last. The game was developed by Warthog, and published by NewKidCo and Ubisoft in 2000. This was a fun little game for all ages that saw Jerry fighting through five levels of terror to save his kidnapped friends from the clutches of Tom.
The game prided itself on being hectic and lots of fun with various mini games scattered throughout. The mini games all had random tasks including a pie throwing contest, water skiing and slide-style puzzles. Additionally, there were many creative platform levels to enjoy.

Whilst at times frustrating, it made up with its catchy theme tunes and childlike levels.


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