The Flash: Tricksters Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Tricksters” was yet another outstanding episode from The Flash. The episode did what the series does best: use a fun villain while moving the overarching plot of the season along. It had big reveals, Mark Hamill, huge fan service moments, and fantastic performances.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

First and foremost, Mark Hamill. It was such a rush to watch his performance. At first, I was both overjoyed and worried about Hamill’s appearance. Just to see him on screen was a thrill, but I was concerned it was only going to be one scene and then the new Trickster would take over the episode. Luckily this never came to pass as Hamill had a large role. I can’t continue without mentioning the Star Wars shout-out, “I…am your father.” Chills. So good. For him it must’ve been weird to be on the other side of that sentence. And a Breaking Bad reference? Yes, please.

The episode did such a tremendous job of paying homage to Trickster’s past from the 1990 series. When they were researching the villain, there were stock photos from his appearance 20 years ago. And let’s not forget his lair and costume were also featured. They also did a pretty good job with his son’s costume. There were elements of the original Trickster outfit without it falling into camp territory.

I knew the answer to who is the Reverse Flash was too easy. To give the audience such a large answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the series so early on in its run was confusing and never sat right with me. Yes, this reveal also feels too early but not as early as its predecessor.

The reveal of Eobard’s real face was a trip. They took the audience back to the fateful night of Mrs. Allen’s death but put a different spin on it. Instead of just seeing the same scene again, they took us inside the lightning tornado and what happened after. You’re expecting to see Wells’ face be revealed under the mask, but it was Eobard’s original face. It was a scene that could’ve ended an episode on a huge cliffhanger. Instead, they put it in the first act of the episode. It was a brave choice.  

Eobard and The Flash’s super speed fight was a spectacular piece of artistry. I would really like some behind-the-scenes video of how they create these scenes. On a television budget and a limited time schedule, it’s impressive.

Barry learned another one of his famous superpowers in this episode. He used Speed Force and vibrated through a gas truck.

It was great how they went total Fringe with Eobard’s transformation. In Fringe, shape shifters take cables and attach them to the roof of their victim’s mouth to take their physical likeness, almost exactly what Eobard did. It now makes so much sense why Wells’ blood wasn’t in the old Allen house.

Iris is now the only one who doesn’t know Barry’s secret. It makes her look dim and it’s frustrating. I understand why, but at this point it’s so contrived. For some reason, I was hoping for a funnier reaction out of Eddie, but his speechlessness was priceless. Since those two have such a cute bromance, I can’t wait for Eddie to have some fun with this.

Lastly, can we quickly discuss the little one-minute trailer at the end of the episode? It blew my mind. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So much goodness coming up.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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