The Flash: The Sound and the Fury Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“The Sound and the Fury” was a stumble for The Flash. I’ll give them credit they tried to do something different with spotlighting Dr. Wells, but the episode never gained traction.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Every series, especially one that has to produce 20 to 23 episodes a season, has a bad episode every once in a while and “The Sound and the Fury” was one of those episodes. By all means one bad episode every once in a while doesn’t mean the whole series is ruined. It just means they have episodes to fill with story and sometimes that story isn’t that great. With all that said even a mediocre episode of The Flash is better than a lot of good episodes on other shows.

Even Lost, my favorite series of all time had some major clunkers, but that doesn’t write off the greatness of the series. I mean there was an episode dedicated to how Jack got his tattoos, how Jacob and the Man in black got to the island, and don’t forget Nikki and Paulo. So with a series like The Flash, which can be highly procedural with those pesky villains of the week, it is easier for it to slip and have an off episode every now and again.

In this particular episode there were a few tired and overused plot devices. For example the villain who wanted to be captured, ala Star Trek Into Darkness. Or the former protege, this time the Hartley Rathaway, goes to the dark side ala, Star Wars. Or the unwilling mentor ends up being impressed. Why are we using all of these tropes in one episode?

Probably the worst thing that came out of the episode was the Iris is a cub reporter at the Central City Picture News storyline. Whether we want to or not we are going to have to watch her painstakingly move from a beat reporter to eventually a hot shot reporter like Lois Lane. Iris is one of their weaker characters so it does the series little favors to highlight her in a bigger storyline. For any soap fans, Roger Howarth played her unwilling “papa bear.” In case you were wondering yep, he acts the same way he does on each soap he’s been on. Hopefully we, the audience, will spend little time watching her reporting woes at the Central City Picture News.

The episode wasn’t awful, although it seems like I’m pointing out the rough parts. Tom Cavanagh got to show off his strong acting chops with the many sides to Harrison Wells. With Cavanagh’s performance the character never comes off one dimensional, especially in this episode. There were some nice reveals concerning Wells’ speed, or more the inconsistency of that speed. This was the first time the series showed him using his super speed since the reveal of him as the Reverse-Flash.

It was nice to see a foe actually match wits with Wells, who’s always one move ahead everyone. Don’t be surprised if and when the Pied Piper decides to come around to help the good guys. I mean he’s already dangling the Ronnie carrot in front of Cisco.

And I love that Eddie and Joe are on a super-secret mission to figure out what Wells is up to. I feel like I write this in every review, but there needs to be more Eddie! Especially this episode he was only in two scenes.

Lastly, the episode started off a little weird with Barry rounding up the Royal Flush gang without any context. Um excuse me, Arrow fans would have liked to have seen that episode.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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