The Flash: The Reverse-Flash Returns


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“The Reverse-Flash Returns” dipped back into season one mythology.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In the previous episode, Eobard was seen in the final minutes. There was no context to the scene, just that Eobard was alive and well. “The Reverse-Flash Returns” fully brought the character back.

Season one was a fantastic season, mythology-wise and emotionally, so I understand why they would want to go back to the Reverse-Flash. There was always a chance they would incorporate the character back into the show. He was so tied to Barry’s backstory that I couldn’t see the series continuing without the Reverse-Flash in one form or another.

However, to bring back Eobard cheapens Eddie’s death in the season one finale. His death was poignant. He chose to take his life to save everyone from his future lineage. Now, it feels as if his death was unnecessary. I had to watch Wells’ explanation of time-travel logic at least four times and I still really don’t have a grasp on why Eobard is still alive. There was also a weird moment in the explanation where he says that Mrs. Allen’s death was fixed, which, from what we know from season one, that’s not accurate.

Barry and Patty’s storyline was horrible. Since when is Barry such a jerk? Patty finally figured out Barry was the Flash (hooray!) and instead of validating her with the truth, he decided to continue lie to her. I understand why he continued to do so. He wanted her to follow her dream and leave to be a crime scene investigator, but they way he went about it was wrong. The past two episodes turned their relationship into a hot mess. It’s sad because their relationship was so fun and didn’t need to end that way.

The West family was a high point in the episode. I loved that Iris finally forgave her mother for leaving her and Joe. She held onto that ever since she found out her mom was alive and letting that go was big. It was a great character development moment.

The episode also gave a huge clue to the identity of Zoom. Surprisingly, it came during Jay and Caitlin’s storyline instead of through Barry or Wells. In order to heal Jay, they sought out his Earth-1 counterpart. Eventually they found him, however his name wasn’t Jay Garrick but Hunter Zoloman. In the comics, Zoloman is Zoom’s alter ego. We will see if the series stays true to comic canon.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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