The Flash: The New Rogues (Review)


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)
By far, “The New Rogues” was The Flash’s best episode in its young third season.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.
“The New Rouges” was an episode straight out of season one. It had a fun villain and witty humor, but more importantly, it had fantastic character work. Even though the first scene of the episode focused on the soon-to-be Mirror Master, it wasn’t until much later in the episode when Team Flash actually started to combat the villain. This formula was popular and quite effective in the first season. Not surprisingly, this same formula continues to work well seasons later. This episode is exactly what I have wanted The Flash to be since season one.
This episode moved seamlessly between five or six different subplots. It was a thing of beauty. Everyone had something to do in the episode and it actually felt like an ensemble piece. Creating an episode where the entire cast is involved is something The Flash rarely does. They should do it more often. It allows for each storyline to get a spotlight while also giving it some breathing room.
Mirror Master was a fun new Rogue to add to the Rogues Gallery. It allowed the show to play with some cool slow-mo and mirrored camera work. I especially enjoyed the Twin Peaks reference while Barry was in the mirror. Wells said that there is a Mirror Master on Earth-2, Evan McCulloch. In the comics, he is the second incarnation of the villain. With a name drop like that, I would hypothesize that he will eventually making an appearance sooner or later.
Caitlin has been woefully underused ever since Ronny “died.” (Yes, I’m putting that in quotations because I’m still in denial about his death. Just like Deadshot in Arrow, no body=no death. In a comic book or superhero show, when there is no body, it is easy for a person to reappear alive and well.) Even though she had the storyline with Jay last season, it was often an afterthought for the series. For the majority of the character’s screen time, she stands there, nods her head, and sometimes spews techy babble. It’s like they consistently forget they have her around. Thankfully, they are finally giving Danielle Panabaker a seemingly prominent storyline.
Personally, I have had no interest in the romantic relationship between the two foster siblings, Iris and Barry, but, this episode actually gave me a spark of curiosity. It could be because they inserted Joe into it for some needed comic relief.
At this point, I find it ridiculous that the Wellses have to return back to Earth-2. One of the main reasons they initially returned back home was because Jesse wanted to go back to her friends. Now it seems like she and her father don’t really want to leave. So why not stay permanently? It feels contrived.
Finally, how hilarious is Hipster Wells? I mean, come on, that might be one of the best things the series has done so far!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. SledgeOctober 27th, 2016 at 9:26 am

    “I have had no interest in the romantic relationship between the two foster siblings, Iris and Barry”
    Same. It actually makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m surprised nobody has turned this into some twisted porn movie, “Guy with superspeed f**k hot black step sister”. I’ve been enjoying the season so far but they really messed up from the beginning by making Barry and Iris grow up together like siblings.

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