The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After The Flash’s strong outing in its big crossover episode with Arrow, “Flash vs Arrow,” The Flash continued their momentum in its mid-season finale.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hoping that the “man in the yellow suit” was going to be Eddie. From a dramatic perspective it would’ve been more satisfying for the young cop to be the one who’s The Flash’s rival. However if anything, this episode endeared me more towards Eddie. He continues to have adorable moments with Iris, so it’s hard to root against him and Barry’s bestie.

It was too obvious for the Reverse-Flash to be Dr. Wells. He has been the mysterious and dubious character ever since the pilot, so to reveal him as The Flash’s arch nemesis was a bit disappointing. The best part of the reveal was the ring he had to compress the suit, much like the comic version The Flash has.

Grant Gustin was an absolute rock star in this episode. From his emotional scenes with his father to the ones with Iris, Gustin once again proved he is the perfect fit for playing the scarlet speedster. He hits the dramatic, comedic, and emotional beats every time, but this is the first time he had to hit the extremely emotional scene more than once in an episode.

I loved that Ronnie’s Firestorm was explored more in this episode, but for some reason it fell a little forced and out of place. Ronnie would’ve been serviced better with an episode focused on him rather than him being the C storyline like he was in “The Man in the Yellow Suit.” With this storyline it gave Cisco and Caitlin some heavy emotional moments. Surprisingly the duo, who are typically used as comic relief, had some significant scenes regarding Ronnie.

The series had so much going on with the Reverse-Flash, Christmas-y things, and the Barry and Iris stuff that the Ronnie storyline was only there because of the “Flash vs. Arrow” tag scene. However the little screen time he did have the writers and the effect people made the most of it. After saving Barry’s life, it was so funny to see him just nonchalantly fly away. Not only that, it looked really good. It still blows my mind that they can do something that looks that good on a CW TV budget.

Speaking of the special effects the fight between the two speedsters was one of the coolest fights the young series has done. Just when you think the series has hit its effects ceiling, especially after “Flash vs. Arrow,” it continues to impress.

This was the first time I saw a hint of the Barry and Iris chemistry. However, I continue to see them as siblings and have a brother/sister vibe. When Iris told Barry she was moving in with Eddie, as a viewer you couldn’t help but feel for the forensic scientist. From the first episode he’s had his heart crushed every single episode and this was the final straw. He couldn’t keep quiet any longer, so it was only natural that he would finally tell her how he truly felt.

And now for a quick Easter egg. Amanda Pays, who was in the 90’s The Flash, returned in the current version to reprise her role as Tina McGee. Fingers crossed that she will come back later in the season and somehow get a scene between her and John Wesley Shipp.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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