The Flash: The Fury of Firestorm Review



By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


“The Fury of Firestorm” was a largely disappointing episode. Even in an episode that was disjointed, there were a few bright spots.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


The Flash introduced some interesting plot points for the season. Yet, almost all of them have yet to be expanded on. It is quite frustrating. It’s as if they are suffering from the same problem Arrow had last season. Arrow set up some fun things like Sara’s death and Ra’s al Ghul, but both were huge failures. Ra’s was rarely seen and only heard of. The Flash is setting up for Zoom who is only heard of and hasn’t been seen in Earth-1.


One of the reasons The Flash was so compelling in the first season was the presence of Wells. He was right there out in the open from the first episode. It was trying to figure out his motives and who he was that made it so much fun. It was all about the mystery.


Instead of expanding on Jay Garrick, Zoom, Harrison Wells, or even Earth-2, the episode focused on finding a new half for Firestorm. This was essentially setting up groundwork for Legends of Tomorrow. Since Victor Garber’s Stein will be on the spinoff series, and Ronnie is supposedly dead, there needs to be a replacement in place before the new show. That’s what made the hour drag. For the network, it was a necessary detour in order to make the Legends of Tomorrow work, but for the series The Flash, it was a wasted hour.


I love Caitlin, but she came off badly this episode. Her constant harping on wanting Henry Hewitt to be Ronnie’s Firestorm successor was annoying. She was written as a snob who didn’t think a middle-class mechanic could be a worthy Firestorm.


At one point in the episode, Joe stated that Barry should open his eyes to new possibilities. This became an overarching and heavy-handed theme during the episode. Usually The Flash isn’t that overt and obvious when using thematic elements. The last episode was pretty good at disguising the fatherly contrast between Lewis Snart and Joe. However, this episode practically wrote it on the screen. It made for awkward dialogue.


King Shark and Wells made an appearance in the final act of the episode. Yep, King Shark. It was glorious. Only on The Flash do you have a telepathic gorilla and a talking half man, half shark. Even for those few seconds of screen time, it had to be expensive. That’s more than likely the reason King Shark was only shown for about a minute. Hopefully King Shark isn’t dead and he was just stunned. I would love to see more King Shark.


On the other hand, I don’t understand the reason for the lack of Well’s presence. At this point, I don’t think Tom Cavanaugh has spoken a single word as Earth-2 Wells.


Iris finally has her own secret to keep. It’s a welcome change of pace for Iris to be on the other side of a secret for once. Could Iris’ long lost brother be Wally West?


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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