The Flash: Rogue Air


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Rogue Air” should’ve been titled “Let’s See How Many Guest Stars We Can Put In an Episode.” It was a little much, but it was fun penultimate episode from the freshman series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Any episode that features Captain Cold is a good episode. His previous appearance, “Rogue Time,” was weak, but for the most part he’s been the best villain besides the Reverse Flash. He’s so entertaining to watch. “Rogue Air” is no different. It’s obvious the series is having just as much fun with the character as Wentworth Miller is. For example, the song “Cold as Ice” played in the background of the bar scene.  

Barry and Snart’s collaboration was the real team-up in the episode with only an assist in the final ten minutes from the Amell cousins (more on that later). It was only a matter of time before STAR Labs could no longer hold metahumans. Of course, the logical step is to transport them to Oliver’s private island prison and therefore need Snart’s help to do so. Snart’s betrayal was far from surprising. It’s hard to sympathize with Barry when he makes stupid decisions like this one. He should’ve known that his rival would do anything in the name of self-preservation. Snart’s a villain for a reason.

The metahumans’ escape was an event that was bound to happen. For the amount they did in the episode plot-wise, the volume of guest stars, and special effects, they did it well. I wish it would have been a two part episode because of the huge scope. Overall it felt a bit rushed, which could’ve been aided from a longer episode.

I liked the concept of having Firestorm and Arrow/Al Sah-him/Oliver, or whatever he’s calling himself these days, help Barry capture Reverse Flash, but it was poorly executed and out of place. For the most part, they didn’t need to be there. From what I can tell, the CW and DC were so fixated on the idea of having the Amell cousins share the screen that they didn’t let it happen organically. It felt forced. All Barry needed was Ray’s nanotech and he could’ve stopped Eobard by himself. Instead, they opted for a poorly choreographed and shot scene. This should’ve been an epic fight, but at one point or another each character was taking on the Reverse Flash on their own, instead of working together.

As someone who watches both The Flash and Arrow, it was hard to get behind the last few minutes of the episode. Flat out, it doesn’t make sense. Over on Arrow, Oliver is trying to prove that he’s loyal as Ra’s al Ghul’s heir so I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden he’s able to sneak away to help Barry. He was barely able to sneak away to meet with Malcolm, which was two minutes outside of Nanda Parbat. Not only that, how did Oliver get the message; even Barry said that he couldn’t reach him. To be fair, most of this is an Arrow problem, not a Flash problem.

They are really pushing Hal Jordan. In this episode they actually reference a pilot who went missing. Up until now, there have only been references to Ferris Air, so this particular reference was a big one. At this point, you have to bet on some kind of cameo. If that’s the case and we do see Green Lantern, you have to admire the world they are building.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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