The Flash: Out of Time Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

I don’t know how The Flash does it. I really don’t. The series continues to outdo itself at every turn and I’m waiting for the moment it all comes crashing down. “Out of Time” wasn’t that episode. Instead, it’s like the writers sat down and said “Let’s put every series-altering moment into the last ten minutes of the episode.” The result was glorious and the series’ best episode to date.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

If you’re looking for a series defining moment “Out of Time” would be it. I imagine ten years from now when the series is going off the air and someone decides to rank all the episodes, much like how IGN ranked all of Smallville’s episodes when the series ended, I know “Out of Time” would be at least in the top ten. It was that phenomenal. Of course, “Out of Time” was a flawed episode but the exciting twist and turns of the last ten minutes more than make up for those flaws.

I found it intriguing that the series decided to kill Cisco off in the way they did. Dr. Wells shoved a vibrating hand into Cisco’s chest.(Warning: Spoilers for non-comic readers.) It makes me think this is somehow the start of Cisco’s origin story. In the comics he becomes the superhero Vibe, so maybe this is the start of that or maybe it’s just a little nod and wink

My only major complaint about the episode is an obvious one, the love square. Why oh why do the writers keep thinking that we care? It’s not okay to go and flirt and touch someone, somewhat inappropriately might I add, in front of both of the people you’re in a relationship with.  And it’s definitely not okay to kiss your foster sibling, let alone while you’re in relationships with the aforementioned other people. Just break up with the people first so it’s not cheating. Let’s face it it’s not hard to properly get your stuff in order before moving on to a new relationship. I’m a little less annoyed with the Barry and Linda side because they just started dating. On the other hand Iris and Eddie live together and Eddie has been a really decent guy up until now. Gosh I’m quite annoyed. And, rant over.

The best part is that with the element of time travel there’s potential that none of this happened. Of course, Barry will remember it all happening, because it did really happen to him but no one else. He doesn’t know that Cisco died and Wells had a moment of confession, it happened while he was trying to stop the Weather Wizard, so that could be a little more difficult for him to stop and hit the reset button on. Going forward “Out of Time” is a great reference point for audience members especially concerning Dr. Wells.

After 14 episodes of wondering what’s Dr. Wells’ deal is we finally get answers. Up till this point, he’s this guy who’s clearly up to nothing good but he’s doing all he can to help Barry become The Flash and increase the crime scene investigator’s speed. His motivation was entirely a mystery, until this fifteenth episode. Dr. Wells, or should I say Eobard Thawne (who in the comics is Eddie’s grandson), is a man stuck in this time period and he wants to go home. It’s all completely reasonable, but since he is indeed the Reverse-Flash there’s more to the story than a guy accidentally killing Barry’s mom and getting stuck in our time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. hazelMarch 21st, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    I agree with everything you said here! Loved the episode, hated the “love square.” I know it’s a CW thing, but it made me really upset with Barry and (especially) Iris. That being said, however, the scene where Cisco dies, is the best scene of the series to date. It was pitch perfect and gut-wrenching. Carlos Valdes killed it, and of course Tom Cavanaugh was brilliant as usual. I can’t wait to see how much of the plot developments from this episode are undone or re-done in the following episode.

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