The Flash: Nuclear Man Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After a handful of episodes slowly building the Firestorm plot, “Nuclear Man” dove head first into the origin story of the combustible men.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Throughout the episode there were at least three different storylines competing for the coveted “A” storyline. Although it seems as if the Firestorm storyline finally ended up winning out. This was beneficial because that’s where the episode was the strongest. In the last episode there was so much going on, which in reality shouldn’t have worked, but it did. It had all of the elements that make this show great. This episode had some of those elements, but they were in conflict with one another instead of them existing cohesively.

It was a big episode for Firestorm. After weeks of building up this particular plot, they finally brought Ronnie and Martin Stein together as a major onscreen presence and it didn’t disappoint. There were some great scenes between Firestorm and Team Flash, especially with Caitlin. I was expecting a lot more scenes with Caitlin but the quality of the couple we did get were quite good. Watching the speedster race away from the blast was another fantastic effect. And that cliffhanger was so good.

It was weird to watch Robbie Amell essentially trying to do a Victor Garber impersonation. I hope they actually are separated at some point because I don’t know if I can stand watching that for the rest of his time on the series. Of course, more Victor Garber would be most welcome.

My biggest hang ups about the episode are based almost exclusively on Barry Allen’s love life. Introducing Linda Park looked like a welcome addition in the previous episode, “Crazy For You,” but that wasn’t the case. Instead of being a catalyst for moving away from Iris and giving Barry a different, maybe even regular romance, it was actually the opposite. Barry and Linda dating was an inciting incident that made the Iris and Barry relationship hit a new low. One where the young reporter actively sabotaged his new relationship.

Since the inception of the series Iris has mostly been a boring and irrelevant character who quite frankly does nothing to help move along the narrative of the series. I know the writers are trying to push the two together because in the comics they do get together. But, they need to stop trying too hard it feels forced and unnecessary.

Right now there is so much going on in the series maybe Barry just doesn’t need a love interest. Did that occur to anyone? Of course not because it’s on the CW and in the past the network has had a certain reputation. Sure, Linda and Barry’s interactions led to a few chuckles but overall it’s not necessary.

Joe and Cisco were a pairing I never expected to be so enjoyable. They have a very interesting dynamic. The duo can be comedic, dramatic, and a sleuthing pair. Everything they do is spot on from being uncomfortable while the woman who owns the old Allen house hit on Joe to being fiercely loyal and protective of their respective friends and family. I look forward to seeing more scenes between the two.

Time travel is officially being introduced as an element on the series. Famously in The Flash comics there has been time travel. The series itself has hinted that there might be time travel, so it was a welcome development that they are going there.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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