The Flash: Legends of Today Recap


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Well, that was downright fun. There’s no other way to describe the first hour of the Arrow and The Flash crossover. This episode marks the second year in a row The Flash and Arrow have done a massive crossover event.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Last year, the two shows opted for a different type of crossover event. Both episodes were very self-contained. This time, both casts were equally involved where only Iris, Laurel, and Captain Lance were missing from The Flash’s hour. Even Malcolm and his League of Assassins made an appearance. What’s sad is that I didn’t miss Laurel or Iris at all. It shows how little both contribute to the universe.

As a nice tie-in with Arrow’s plot, they showed Team Arrow on their latest mission to foil Darhk’s most recent dastardly deed. Even though Neal McDonough wasn’t on screen for that long, he still remained remarkable in the role of Darhk. His, “Whoa! What was that?!” line when The Flash sped by was easily one of the funniest moments in the episode. And the casual introduction of the magnet arrow was well done.

Much of the second season of The Flash, and Arrow to an extent, was hindered by the amount of work it needed to do to set up for the new series Legends of Tomorrow. “Legends of Today” was clearly part of a backdoor pilot for the spinoff series. Because it blatantly was, it’s perfectly acceptable to do a bunch of setup work and introduce new characters like Hawkman and Vandal Savage, who was a fantastic villain.

Cisco was the real star of the episode. I would have never thought he would have that much to do in a crossover. He’s the only connection to Kendra the audience, or Team Flash, has so it makes sense he would be the linchpin for the episode.

There were a ton of fun interactions and hilarious one-liners. Sometimes one-liners can fall flat, but a majority of them landed in this episode thanks to the cast’s charismatic nature. You can tell the actors had a blast filming the episode and that comes across while watching it.

Was there a lot going on? Yes, of course. It’s one of the problems that has plagued The Flash this season. They’ve been overstuffing their episodes with too much plot. However, since “Legends of Today” is a crossover episode where two series’ casts are interacting with each other, there’s bound to be a ton of stuff that feels crammed in.

For example, Dr. Wells, Caitlin, and Jay’s storyline dragged and was the weakest link in the hour. However, their plotline was in service to the larger plot of The Flash series. It was necessary to keep the audience engaged with The Flash’s Zoom and Earth 2 plotline even in an episode where it wasn’t completely welcome.

Dr. Wells being shot by Patty definitely didn’t need to be in the episode and neither did Jay. That’s where the episode felt like it went too far. The shooting would have had more weight and been more emotionally satisfying if it wasn’t shoved into an already crowded episode.

It’s disappointing how little the series has done with Jay. And what they have done with him isn’t great. He’s a mass of sadness, doom, and cowardice walking around.

Also, it’s getting ridiculous that now Patty’s literally the only person who doesn’t know Barry’s secret identity. Patty flat out walked into STAR Labs without anyone noticing. (I thought they upgraded the security?) She needs to find out soon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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