The Flash: Invincible


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


Another episode of a DC show, another death. In the penultimate episode of the sophomore season, The Flash returned from the Speed Force a changed hero to face Zoom and a familiar face.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Overall, this was an entertaining and excellent hour of The Flash. Just because the episode was an overall success, doesn’t mean that I don’t have major issues with the major development: the death of Henry Allen. I saw this death coming from a mile away. That doesn’t change my reaction to the death. Two episodes ago when Henry reappeared on the canvas stating he would move back and be in Barry’s life from now on, he was a dead man walking. When a character makes a big deal about sticking around, they are instantly on “death watch.” Because the series foreshadowed it so hard, it didn’t have the impact it should have had. It just wasn’t shocking.


(Warning: Spoiler Alert for Arrow!) On Arrow, Oliver’s mother was murdered by Slade Wilson. That death had impact, was profound, and was completely out of nowhere. It had that shock value that Henry’s didn’t.


Killing off John Wesley Shipp’s character doesn’t feel right. He had such great chemistry with Grant Gustin. Every time they would have a scene together, the series would instantly be elevated. At first it was a cute gimmick that the 1990s version of the hero was playing the father of the 2010s version. On the show it soon turned into one of the series most important and fulfilling relationships. The entire first season, Barry fought for the release of his father. Zoom killing Henry feels like a cheap way to raise the stakes. Killing off characters is not the only way to raise stakes.


I always had issue with sending him away after his character was released from prison. And, he returned only to be killed. It doesn’t feel right. The only way they can salvage this is to keep him on the series as Earth-2’s The Man in the Iron Mask and make him the real Jay Garrick.


The “Metappocolypse” was a fantastic idea. Watching a mass group of metahumans try and tear down the city brick by brick was so much fun. This should’ve been a key feature for at least a couple of episodes. It deserved more than a five minute montage. Normally, it takes a whole episode for Barry to take down one Meta, but all of a sudden he can take out a handful at a time? Eh. No.


Katie Cassidy played an outstanding villain, Black Siren. You could tell she had a blast portraying the new character. She also had a new costume, which was pretty sweet. I almost wish that was the Black Canary suit. The character’s appearance also provided some fun comedy as Caitlin and Cisco cosplayed as their Earth-2 counterparts. Thankfully they didn’t kill off Black Siren. Hopefully she will somehow return in the future.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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