The Flash: Invasion! (Review)


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Technically, “Invasion!” was part two of a four-night crossover between CW’s quad of superhero shows. (Let’s be frank, Supergirl was a lame crossover as it was in the last minute of the show.) In reality, The Flash’s episode was the kickoff of the mega crossover, and it was a ton of fun.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

What’s proven to be most difficult about the crossover events is how each series tries to address their overarching plot lines while simultaneously servicing the crossover. Surprisingly, The Flash did this well. They didn’t lean too far into their own show’s storylines while still acting as a vehicle to propel the overarching crossover drama. And, it was actually nice to see a brief glimpse of Arrow’s Vigilante.

The Flash’s storyline of the Wests not wanting Wally to become Kid Flash was the part of the episode that dragged the most. This is reflective of how the season has progressed so far. For some reason, the show continues to manufacture drama via Iris and it continues to fail. Besides being an episode of The Flash, she had no business being with the tech department during the initial meet-up. She has no strength where she is required to be there. Of course, this is a larger, ongoing problem the series needs to tackle at a future time.

Cisco is understandably upset with Barry, but I wish he wasn’t the one to bring down the mood of the crossover. He’s bumming me out. It’s still hard to get used to a grumpy Cisco, and the continuous jabs at the scarlet speedster were getting old.

Even though much of the drama came from the characters physically fighting each other during the climactic part of the episode, the best drama in the episode was the character interactions and ensuing conflict. Finally revealing Flashpoint to the entire group was something that needed to be done. It led to a nice Oliver pep talk. The interactions between Barry and Oliver are what I look forward to during each crossover.

There are so many characters that it is impossible that each relationship be adequately addressed. However, there were some nice moments throughout such as Stein and Caitlin, as well as Barry and Ray.

I continue to love how Diggle is written in The Flash episodes, whether it be during the large crossovers or whenever he makes a brief appearance on the speedster’s series. Watching his wide-eyed reaction when seeing something out of the ordinary is always hilarious. A lot of the credit goes to David Ramsey as he does his best to sell the shocked reaction.

“Invasion!” felt very reminiscent of the first crossover the CW did three years ago. This is due to the fact that our heroes were fighting each other. Even though this felt like a familiar plot device, it still had a fresh feel with the addition of so many different characters.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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