The Flash: Grodd Lives Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

This is the episode fans have been waiting for. Since the pilot, there have been many winks and nods about GRODD but this the first time he has been the center of an episode, and it was worth the wait.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Even though the episode was fantastic, it felt like a filler episode. The Flash went crazy big in the previous episode and gave the audience and its characters an insane amount of plot and fun revelations. “Grodd Lives” had little Eobard and his plan to get back home. Instead, he was only seen talking with Eddie and toiling with some kind of machine. Oh, and look at that, he was under STAR Labs all along.

Eddie really has it rough. Not only is he kidnapped by his deranged relative, said relative tells him he is the one Thawne not worth remembering. Sadly, I think this is foreshadowing for Eddie’s eventual sacrifice. He knows that his detective career is nothing but ordinary and he doesn’t get the girl. The guy’s either going to be noble and take out Eobard by sacrificing himself, or turn to the dark side. I would prefer him turning evil so we could continue having him and the Reverse Flash on the series, but with the season finale drawing closer, the detective’s death is likely.     

Gorilla Grodd’s comic book counterpart is vastly different from the one shown on this episode of The Flash. The comic’s version has radioactive meteors and Gorilla City, neither of which were found during the episode, though I wouldn’t be opposed to eventually seeing Gorilla City. Instead, his origins were more of a science experiment turned horribly wrong. He was just another victim of the particle accelerator blast. It was much more fitting for the series and gave it a more tragic feel.

The Flash has yet to fail me in the special effects department. When Grodd was first introduced, I kept my expectations low. The series has a limited budget and time to work on a super powered gorilla. And, they already have their hands full with portraying Barry and Eobard’s super speed. I was surprised at how good Grodd looked. His screen time was limited, but they did a solid job to make him a threat during the episode. He was shrouded in the darkness of the sewers and at one time steam, but only to hide the CGI work. For the most part, he looked fantastic.

Thankfully, everything regarding Iris is out in the open. “The Trap” laid out a possibly huge revelation for Iris and this episode followed through with her suspicions. Does anyone lock a door around STAR Labs? I mean, come on. She just waltzed right in and confirmed that her best friend was The Flash. Rightly so, she’s angry. Everyone in her life has been lying to her and she has some very valid points. She’s a grown woman who doesn’t need the men in her life making decisions for her. She’s capable of doing that on her own. (Why did she ask what the dots were on the screen? They were obviously labeled Grodd and Barry.)

In the episode, Iris becomes Well’s replacement on Team Flash. She’s the one who gives Barry the pep talk when he was struggling against Grodd. I like that the kids are now running the show without a mentor. This episode proved that they are able to be heroes without the help of Wells.   

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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