The Flash: Flash of Two Worlds Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Flash of Two Worlds” was an improvement on the season premiere. The first episode lost its way. Thankfully, this hour brought back The Flash we know and love.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After an episode of lurking around in the shadows, Jay Garrick was properly introduced to the audience and to Team Flash. This is the CW, after all, so they gave the audience a young, hunky version of the character. In the comics, Jay’s older and has been The Flash for a decade. Props to the writers for keeping his origin story the same as in the comics. He was a great addition to Team Flash, even without his powers. I loved when he put on the old-school helmet. Even though it looks a little goofy next to today’s streamlined superhero outfits, it’s still a classic.

Barry’s attitude toward Jay was a little jerky. It makes sense that he would have trust issues toward someone who’s trying to mentor him. Eobard took advantage of Barry’s trusting nature. Because of that, it’s not shocking Barry has lingering trust issues.

Stein explaining the concept of infinite universes to Joe was such a fun moment. Joe obviously has no interest in figuring out what the professor was trying to explain. It reminded me of Fringe when Walter was explaining the infinite universe concept on his chalkboard.

Sand-Demon is essentially a Firestorm villain and a rip-off of Sandman, but The Flash has to have someone to fight off on a weekly basis, so why not. If anything, Sand-Demon is a device to get Barry to trust Jay and learn a new power. This is the second episode in a row The Flash has harnessed a new power. Throwing lightning? Pretty sweet.

Patty’s character is a bit of an unknown at this point. The episode moved too quickly in its efforts to get the audience to believe she’s a good romantic match for Barry. It seemed contrived. Having her backstory be intertwined with the two Weather Wizards was a brilliant move by the writers. It gives her appearance on the series more weight than someone just showing up out of nowhere like Joe’s partner in the premiere episode.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Harrison Wells’ only scenes this season were in Earth-2. Keeping him on an island without any interactions with key cast members is tricky. As far as we know, both of the bodies he embodied in Earth-1 have ceased to exist. Showing Harrison Wells in Earth-2 is a very inventive way of keeping Tom Cavanagh around. Just like the audience, the writers fell in love with Cavanagh’s performance, so keeping him around in any capacity is a win for the series. With the reveal of Wells at STAR Labs, the question becomes whether or not he is the real Harrison Wells.

Here are some quick Easter Eggs from the episode. The title of the episode comes from a comic of the same name where Jay and Barry crossover for the first time. From that same comic, the cover is Barry and Jay running to save someone in need of help and they both yell, “I’m coming!” This exact moment was depicted in the episode when they both yelled and ran to see if Patty was okay. The Flash and Arrow have had crossovers in the past, so to see Oliver’s speech as the Green Arrow on Central City news was a cute little wink and nudge to Arrow.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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