The Flash: Fast Enough Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Well, The Flash you did it. You brought “all the feels.” The finale, “Fast Enough,” was a perfect collimation of the freshman season. It had heart, action, and wit.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

On action or superhero shows the finale is usually one where the main conflict is external. For example take Arrow, in each season finale the conflict has been one where the city is in doom. Of course Oliver and Team Arrow have to save it. The Flash took a much different route. Instead of focusing on external conflicts it focused on internal conflicts. It was an episode where relationships took center stage, which created a much more satisfying emotional experience.

The writers are brilliant enough to know they don’t need another villain to come in and create chaos. Throughout the first season they slowly laid the pieces for the finale and they took advantage of it by using only the main characters as the source of drama. It’s a testament to how strong the first season was in laying groundwork for this sequence of events.

For the most part, the episode focused on Barry’s decision to save his mother. Up until now, all he wanted was to save his mother, but when it came down to actually doing it he couldn’t. Partly because his future self told him not to, but partly because he finally realized he had a family. Even though he lost a mother he gained another father. That’s something he couldn’t part with.

The scene where Barry said goodbye to his mom was so gut wrenching. Grant Gustin was phenomenal throughout the episode, but this scene and the one between Barry and his dad in prison were off the charts.   

Tom Cavanaugh was once again brilliant. He portrayed Eobard’s fatherly affection for young Barry while having a hatred for Barry’s future self so well. It’s a line between love and hate that he tiptoed expertly. Because he’s so insanely good, it’s hard to imagine the series going forward without him. Eobard is so ingrained in The Flash’s mythology that it’s hard to understand the decision to erase him from existence. It’s a distinct possibility that he somehow appears if the series decides to do an Earth-2 storyline, which will most likely happen considering the final events of the episode. But, Eobard wouldn’t be in Wells’ body, maybe Wells will pop up in Earth-2.

As Stein put it, Eddie was the wildcard on the table. His character’s direction could’ve gone a couple different ways. All he wanted was to be the hero. His biggest fear was to be ordinary and Eobard played right into that fear. Thanks to Stein’s pep talk Eddie decided to make his own journey in life by getting back together with Iris, but in the wake of that development he died a hero. He sacrificed himself in the name of saving Team Flash. It was the noblest of actions.

It turns out Cisco remembering the other timeline wasn’t a weird plot hole. It was his first experience of his metahuman abilities and the first step in his journey to become Vibe. And, we caught a glimpse of Caitlin as Killer Frost during the Speed Force sequence.

And now it’s Easter Egg time. Eobard name dropped Rip Hunter when referring to the time travel device Cisco created. He’s a scientist who creates the Time-Sphere to travel through time. Rip Hunter will be featured in the Arrow and Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow.

Also during the hectic scene, a helmet arrived through the wormhole. The helmet belongs to Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, or Original Flash. Now, he primarily exists in Earth-2. That’s a good indication that the series will venture into the Earth-1 and Earth-2 storytelling for the second season.

At the end of the episode when a singularity was forming over the city they shot to a woman looking up into the sky. That woman is Hawkgirl. She will also be featured in the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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