The Flash: Fallout Review


By: Ashley Binion

The previous episode, “Nuclear Man,” fully introduced the audience to Firestorm. Up to that point, there were only glimpses of the fiery men and bits of information scattered about. “Fallout” continued their superhero origin story.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

“Fallout” felt like a part two to “Nuclear Man.” It picked up right where the last episode ended, with Barry and Caitlin running away from a huge, possibly nuclear, explosion.

In this episode, the two finally, although temporarily, separated allowing Victor Garber to come out to play. He’s always been a fun actor to watch. Garber had such great chemistry with the whole cast, especially Robbie Amell. It makes me want to watch a Firestorm spinoff. Not only that, the effect of them separating and merging was so sweet. The effects department never ceases to amaze.

There were a couple of reasons “Nuclear Man” didn’t work, but one of the reasons it faltered was because when the two were joined together, it wasn’t that emotionally satisfying. Watching both Dr. Stein and Ronnie separately in this episode helped create a bond to both characters. It also helped that Amell wasn’t stuck doing a Victor Garber impression.  

Once again, there was a lot of stuff crammed into the episode with General Eiling returning, Gorilla Grodd, Iris investigating S.T.A.R. Labs, the beginning of the time travel plot, the first glimpse of Wells in the Reverse-Flash suit, and the FIRESTORM origin story. The episode was very fast-paced so all of this worked together. However, I don’t get why they feel the need to throw all of this stuff in one episode.

I know people want to see certain things unfold, like the Grodd storyline, but the series should drag those storylines out just a bit more and let them develop naturally. At the pace they’re going, it’s almost like they were in fear of not being renewed for a second season, which is absolute nonsense considering the viewership numbers they put up early on. (And they did end up getting an early renewal.)

General Eiling was a great non-powered villain. This time, he came with gadgets to stop Barry and Firestorm. I wish Wells didn’t “feed” him to Grodd. He has such a long history in the comics and is a fun villain, but you know that gorilla has to eat.

Iris might have actually found a storyline, but it might end up being just as annoying as her taking up space and doing nothing. At a quick glance, it looks as if having her investigate the STAR Labs peeps could be an interesting story, but it could go downhill fast. Although it’s her job as a journalist to ask hard questions and get to the bottom of things, Iris actively sabotaging our heroes, Team Flash, is not a productive or interesting storyline. Hopefully the series will steer away from going down that route.

The audience had their first sighting of a non-blurry Wells in the Reverse-Flash costume. For some very annoying reason, I’m having a hard time believing that he’s the Reverse-Flash. It’s all too easy. Things are never that easy. He tries way too hard to help Barry, his motives are constantly muddled, and it wasn’t his blood in the old Allen house. I’m starting to think there are two Reverse-Flashes in play. One of course being Wells and the other being Eddie(?).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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