The Flash: Escape from Earth-2 Recap


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


Unfortunately, “Escape From Earth-2” paled in comparison to the previous episode, “Welcome to Earth-2.”


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


“Welcome to Earth-2” was a throwback to a classic season one episode with a ton of humor, heart, and Easter eggs. However, its follow-up to the two-part story, “Escape From Earth-2,” felt much more like a season two episode. There was little heart, plot movement, or revelations to big mysteries. Instead, there were just more questions. Biggest of all, who is Zoom?


At this point in season one, there were revelations to who the Reverse-Flash was. In season two, there has been no movement in the Zoom storyline. With Barry being captured by the evil speedster, I was hoping there would be an unveiling of who Zoom is. Instead, there was no more revealed about this season’s Big Bad. It’s unfortunate that the series is deciding to stall the big reveal because Zoom is a really cool character that they are squandering. It’s as if they don’t have enough story to tell.


Now, there’s also a mystery of who’s in the iron mask. All I know is that if you look close enough at the back of his head, he’s blonde. There are only three blond characters on the series: Jay, Eobard, and Eddie. I found it curious that he was nowhere to be found in the previous episode, but his name did show up on the Allen’s house telephone.


The cast continued to excel as their Earth-2 counterparts. I didn’t know it was possible, but Grant Gustin made Earth-2 Barry even more nerdy. At points it was highly entertaining, but at other times it was too over-the-top. Iris as a detective in the CCPD showed that the character is written wrong a lot of the time. She can actually be pretty competent and a strong character. I almost wish Earth-1 Iris were Earth-2 Iris because she was enjoyable to watch. (And her detective uniform was pretty fly. I’m all about the fashion on Earth-2. I mean Barry in a bow tie? Yes, please.) Also, Killer Frost continued to be a fun departure from the Caitlin we are used to.


Back on Earth-1, there were more advancements to the Jay storyline revolving around Jay’s cells healing. So far, his addition to the team has been underwhelming. Hopefully there will be some movement since he got snatched by Zoom.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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