The Flash: All Star Team Up Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“All Star Team Up” was somewhat underwhelming. This isn’t to say the episode wasn’t good, it was. The episode was fun, just like a crossover with Arrow should be, but the series has been going so big in the past few episodes that this felt a little deflated.  

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

The Flash did many things right in the Arrow crossover “All Star Team Up,” but once again Iris was not one of them. At this point, she’s an anchor on the show. This episode showed how much of a drag she’s been. It’s not her fault; she’s the only one left out of the fun. Just like Eddie said, “Wow. Everyone but Iris.” Barry’s “secret identity” has become a joke. To be fair, it’s always been a joke almost the entire ensemble of characters knew who The Flash was. Now, everyone knows except Iris. Literally everyone. Even Ray Palmer knows, a character on a completely different show, may I remind you. The idea that she has to be kept in the dark to be safe is nonsense. Wells already knows about Iris and therefore she’s already a target. It’s ridiculous.

I feel bad for Eddie. He never asked to be in this situation. All of a sudden Barry just reveals his identity to him and it makes his relationship with Iris suffer. Even though he’s having personal relationship issues, he seems to be having a blast working with The Flash. The sequence at the beginning of the episode with all of the criminals was fantastic.

“All Star Team Up” brought back classic Felicity. I’ve missed her so much. On Arrow, she’s been mostly doom, gloom, and whiny this season. (Don’t get me started. That’s a whole other thing.) I was thrilled to see the writing compliment Emily Bett Rickards wonderful performance. My only question is, wound she really be gallivanting around Central City when Oliver and Roy are having major issues in Starling City? Or is this a different timeline of Arrow than the one we are seeing on Wednesday nights? Because you know Barry’s in a different timeline now, so would that make Felicity and Ray from a different timeline of Arrow? Probably not, but that would be epic. In reality it’s probably just poor episode scheduling by the CW.

Cisco finally has a kindred spirit in Ray Palmer. When the Arrow crossed over with The Flash in “The Flash vs. Arrow,” everyone seemed to be paired off while Cisco was left to do most of the comic relief with Diggle as his foil. They actually ended up being a fun pair to watch, but he and Ray just feel right. Watching the two bounce villain and hero names off each other and try to upgrade the Atom’s suit was like watching two old friends.

Speaking of Cisco, he’s apparently now having flash-sideways to another timeline. (Yes, I’m going to go ahead and steal the phrase from Lost’s last season.) I don’t get how he could have these flashes when it was a completely different timeline and this version of Cisco never participated in those events. If that’s going to be a thing, I think other characters should start remembering too. It would solve the Iris problem.

I’m so happy that there was a reference by Ray about going smaller. Up until this point, The Atom has been an Iron Man knock-off. They’ve handled it quite well; the suit looks pretty good and the graphics when he flies are well done. It’s just not something I’m interested in seeing on a weekly basis over on Arrow or on the spin-off series.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. waschalApril 17th, 2015 at 10:55 am

    Was it just me or had Palmer and Cisco more Chemistry than Felicity and Ray????

  2. MariaApril 20th, 2015 at 5:45 am

    I have to agree with you! although I am a big fan of The Flash, it is ridiculous that Iris is the only one not knowing who Barry really is. But like you said if Cisco is having the flashes of the other timeline then Isis should be having them as well. And even Dr Wells, he must have the flashes too remembering that Cisco indeed figured out who he was. I have been watching Arrow also, and in the new episode they asked Felicity to contact Barry and she said that he, Barry, had a lot in his plate, so they did that just to put ray on the mission and not having another crossover with Flash on The Arrow. Hopefully this whole mess with Iris will get solved quickly, since it’s obvious to comic book fans that Barry has to end up with her. I don’t know when but, I’m still liking the whole show xD

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