The Five Elements That Make ‘The Fifth Element’ Awesome




May 9th marks the 20th anniversary of, arguably, one of the best sci-fi themed action movies of the 90’s on its U.S. release. Today, we celebrate that anniversary with the best five moments of the film.


Lilo’s regeneration



I don’t think anyone saw it coming the first time they saw the movie. Lilo’s regeneration is visually astounding. “It’s, for lack of a better word, perfect”. I always wondered how the armor would have looked like if it weren’t destroyed, I bet Lilo would have looked pretty badass in it.


Corben Dallas’ apartment



With the dystopian future theory in mind where overpopulation is one of Earth’s biggest problems, Corben’s apartment is everything I’m wishing for in my adult life. A bed that makes itself, a shower that cleans automatically, a window-to-window Chinese delivery service and gun rack that slides from the ceiling. Okay, I could do without the last one, but then I would have been robbed by the crazy guy with a picture on his head.


The ZF-1



It’s definitely one of the coolest sci-fi guns ever imagined. It is also, in my humble opinion, one of the best scenes Gary Oldman has in the movie. the ZF-1 weapon has “all of Zorg’s oldies but goldies”: rocket-launcher, arrow launcher (with explosive poisonous gas heads), net launcher, flamethrower (Zorg’s favorite), and the all-new ice-cube system. Don’t forget to ask for special deals and make sure our dealers explain to you what the red button is for!





Need I say more? Probably the most famous scene of the movie and definitely the one that has more gifs around the internet. The whole airport (or is it a space hangar?) scene is priceless, from beginning to end.


That’s no moon…



This scene left me speechless. Wait, you mean to tell me that the moon we all know and love is not a moon? WHAAAAAT?


If you loved the movie don’t forget to celebrate today! Leave us a comment with your favorite scene, character or whatever you like best about the movie!

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