The Emerald Knight’s Final Bow


by Marcus Luera

Geoff Johns’ last issue of Green Lantern will be this May.  This guy has been DC’s go-to guy for most of the last decade.  He has written everything from Teen Titans to Booster Gold, and made them fun, interesting and relevant.

He is most known for Green Lantern.  He not only resurrected Hal Jordan, but he resurrected the book.  When Geoff became the writer, Kyle was the only Lantern and sales were not stellar.  He began his plans with Green Lantern: Rebirth, bringing the Corp, the Guardians, and Hal back.  He rewrote and deepened Hal’s origin with Secret Origin.  Along the way Sinestro was also brought back, and he started his own Corp to wage war with the Green Lanterns.  The years of stories all came to a head in The Blackest Night.  He deepened and enriched the Green Lantern myth and is the standard bearer for this book.  His last arc is The Rise of Third Army.

While Green Lantern has been his primary job, he wrote what many consider some of the best episodes of Smallville, worked on Arrow, made Barry Allan the Flash again, and made Aquaman cool.  His style and understanding of the characters are always missed when he leaves a book.  Thankfully he is still on Justice League so we can keep reading what he writes.  Thank you Geoff Johns for the amazing stories and great work on Green Lantern.

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