The CW Seed’s Vixen: Review


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


I’m a huge fan of The Flash and Arrow universe we see every week on The CW, but I oftentimes wish the women were given a chance to show off their kick-butt skills more frequently. Yes, we have Laurel and Felicity and Caitlin fighting to take down bad guys with Oliver and Barry, but they’re all much more sidekicks than the main superheroes.


Enter Vixen on The CW Seed online.


Comic fans will know Vixen as a former model turned superhero. She uses a totem to access her powers: the ability to take on any characteristic in the animal kingdom. She’s almost a reluctant hero, keeping a low profile until joining the Justice League of America. She even does a stint with the Suicide Squad.


All of that is yet to be revealed in the webseries, though, and it looks like her origin story may turn out to be slightly different from her comic counterpart. Vixen, whose real name is Mari McCabe, is still a mysterious figure in the five-minute premiere episode. (There will be six episodes total, for a total run time of 30 minutes.) The opening scene finds her running away from The Flash and the Arrow, using her powers to escape. But just when it seems like all hope may be lost for her, the show cuts to a flashback with her in jail and seemingly unaware of her powers. However, it’s hard to know if that’s actually the case or if she’s really just keeping them on the down low – I guess we’ll find out in the second episode and beyond. Her foster father posts her bail, and after they leave a diner, they are robbed. But will Mari be able to use her powers to save her dad and defeat the bad guys? The episode ends on a cliffhanger so we’ll have to tune in to the next episode to find out!


While five-minute webisodes are great for people with short attention spans, it makes me nervous that we won’t get a fully developed story over the course of the six episodes. Is 30 minutes enough to dive into Mari as a character and learn how she becomes Vixen? And with appearances from Oliver and Barry, will she be overshadowed in her own show? I hope not, and the premiere left me optimistic for the future.


In an animation style that reminded me very much of the 90’s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series, it’s the perfect show to tap in to the nostalgia of our youth. But this doesn’t look like it will be a show for small children like Batman was, especially with a few instances of slightly adult language and risqué references in such a short amount of time.


The premiere episode definitely held my attention and has me intrigued for more. I can’t wait to find out more about Vixen and how exactly she fits in to the Flarrow-verse. If you’re a fan of the comics, or even just of Arrow and The Flash, it’s for sure worth your time to tune in on The CW Seed. After all, the short episode format isn’t a huge commitment, plus it’s the perfect way to tide us over until the regular TV season starts and our favorite superheroes are back on our screens each week. And if the promising start to Vixen is any indication, let’s hope she may show up as a live action character on either The Flash or Arrow sometime soon.


Check out all the action, including the premiere episode, trailers for upcoming episodes, and even featurettes on The CW Seed.

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