The Big Bang Theory – The Mommy Observation


Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

Fresh off the news that The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for another three seasons, the newest installment of the most watched comedy on television reminds us why it’s still at the top. In “The Mommy Observation,” while in Houston with Howard, who gave a speech at NASA, Sheldon stumbles upon an uncomfortable truth: his mother is all too human. I suppose it’s helpful for us all to remember such things, but I daresay none of us would want the kind of lesson that Sheldon gets.

It all begins innocently enough; a bobble-head Buzz Aldrin and Astronaut ice cream, and a surprise visit to Sheldon’s mother. First lesson, kids: always call ahead. Arriving at the Cooper homestead, Sheldon spies through the window his “mommy with a naked man, and she was trying to be a mommy again.” Second lesson: always call ahead. That, dear friends, is an image that cannot be unseen. Ever. So, Sheldon is scarred, more than he already was I mean, and Howard is the one there to help bring him through it.

Sheldon’s growing up so-to-speak before our eyes, and he has to confront the notion that, as his mother says in her defense, she is not perfect, and even though she holds onto her faith and her beliefs, she struggles. This is particularly difficult for Sheldon because his mother is breaking the rules that she’s professed all her life. When a mother falls, how does her son handle it? Especially when she fails to live up to her own deeply held convictions. Amazingly enough, though, Howard helps Sheldon come to terms with all of this. If there is anyone in the group able to help Sheldon cope with mother issues, I’d wager it’s Howard. This burgeoning— dare I use the term, “respect?” Or should it be, “indifference?”— between Sheldon and Howard is starting to make sense, and seems to provide some delightfully funny moments.

As Sheldon is being scarred for life, and Howard is worried about dropping the property values of houses in Texas, the rest of the group is taking advantage of Sheldon being out of town by sitting in his spot and eating at the Thai place he doesn’t like. Fun, eh? Never fear! Raj’s surprise murder mystery dinner to the rescue! Stewart, whose last name is Bloom, by the way, shows up and is the victim of the faux murder. But this isn’t just any old murder mystery dinner, they’re all playing themselves. Fun, right? Yeah, I know. Me neither.

The murder mystery does provide the opportunity to rip of Harlan Ellison scripts or movies about machines from the traveling to the past to kill important figures, or, in this case, Stewart. It also provides the backdrop for Leonard and Penny to consider their future selves. After a bit of argument about their various careers and where those careers might lead them, the dead Stewart points out that Penny and Leonard will definitely be together even though they haven’t planned their future together. They bring out the best in each other.

After the slight offness of last week’s episode, the group is back to form in the newest installment. Signs of what is possible over the next three years are beginning to reveal themselves. Good luck to the show and congratulations on the 3-year renewal.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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