The Big Bang Theory – The Discovery Dissipation


By Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

There is just no pleasing some people. That would be the theme of “The Discovery Dissipation,” the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is still in a funk after all the continual lauding for his massive mistake resulting in a discovery of a new element. He has to go through the drudgery of interviews and people congratulating him. His mother didn’t raise her no liar after all.

After being depressed and considering himself a fraud, Sheldon gets some words of encouragement from guest star, Wil Wheaton. After a bit of a pep talk about how people hated Wil’s character on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sheldon decides to be ok with the adulation being heaped on him. That is until Leonard tries to help.

Leonard decides to test Sheldon’s theory following the Chinese team that has already validated it. In so doing, Leonard actually disproves not only the Chinese results, but Sheldon’s discovery. It turns out that the element does not exist. And Sheldon had just become ok with being famous for something he didn’t do. Of course, now that the celebration of his mistaken discovery will cease, he finds that he really wants the fame and glory more than anything in the world. So, he was happy until he realized he’d made a mistake and didn’t deserve recognition. Then he was happy with fame under false pretenses. Finally, he’s unhappy about being settled back at the beginning: the blunder was just that, a blunder. Fame goes away. Guilt for said fame goes away. Nobel Prize goes away. Sheldon is very unhappy.

Speaking of unhappy, Howard and Bernadette were the picture of bliss before a certain metrosexual guest comes over to stay for a few days. Yeah, bliss; you know, ignorance and all? When Raj has to stay because of work being done on his apartment, Howard and Bernadette start to see some interesting shortcomings in each other. Raj, Cinnamon in tow, becomes a better husband by pitching in, washing dishes, cooking, asking Bernadette about her day and complimenting her looks. He proves to be a good wife by rubbing Howard’s tummy (there was a jelly bean incident), and fixing Howard’s lunch complete with a little encouraging note.

All in all, Howard and Bernadette realize that Raj is a much better husband/wife than either of them. They’ve been working hard to half-ass their marriage, so this comes as a bit of a bitter pill. They were happy before they realized how little support they were giving to each other. But is their plan then to change and become better spouses? Um, no. Raj, as the invader, and destroyer, of their blissful ignorance, has to go. Raj winds up at 2311 Los Robles with Leonard and Sheldon where he wears out his welcome in the first five minutes by trying to go all therapist on Sheldon and Amy. It might be helpful for that selective mutism to kick in.

Well into the seventh season, The Big Bang Theory is still going strong although this particular episode seemed lacking. The writing didn’t seem as tight and fluid. Though it’s still better than most of what’s on TV, it’s not quite up to the funny standard they’ve set for themselves. What did you guys think?

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 Stars

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