The Big Bang Theory-The Anything Can Happen Recurrence


Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

In the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Anything Can Happen Recurrence,” Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard attempt to re-institute Anything Can Happen Thursday—which probably would’ve been fine and all except that, in the midst of the quest for something new and interesting to do, they run into Bernadette and Amy. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but apparently Bernadette lied to Penny about working late and Amy lied to Sheldon about being sick in an attempt to have a free night wherein they didn’t have to listen to the bellyaching of a directionless physicist or the pitfalls of making the awful ape movie.

The resulting interaction has the effect of Penny and Sheldon leaving the others so that they can go complain to each other. Penny drags Sheldon through an Asian Fusion restaurant in which he can’t understand his food (Chinese noodles, Korean barbecue, on a taco), and then off to a psychic. Sheldon’s interaction with the psychic produced my favorite funny moments of the episode, ending with Sheldon pulling out the “M” word in response to the psychic’s assertions that if Sheldon would commit to his romantic relationship with Amy, everything in his life would work out.

Meanwhile, Raj is hanging out with Howard as he checks in on his mother who’s taken ill. This may be another recurring storyline along with Sheldon’s lack of direction, and Penny’s trials through the ape movie. In addition to showing Howard’s genuine care for his mother, it affords Raj the opportunity to get some help and advice for his upcoming date with Emily. She has a penchant for gory movies and Raj? Well, Raj doesn’t. He’s more of a Sound of Music kind of a guy. So, Raj wants Howard to watch A Night of a Thousand Corpses with him, so he’ll be able to make it through it on his date with Emily.

They manage to get through the cutting a guy in half and sewing him to a fish, a woman kissing a fetus in a jar, a dude killing his girlfriend’s father, cutting off said father’s face and wearing it as a mask while making out with the aforementioned girlfriend, and that leads Raj to question if there’s something wrong with Emily, or anyone, who likes this stuff. But, the next night, he discovers that it turns her on, so he goes with it.

Back at the bar, where the liars are hanging out, an interesting admission is made. Amy seems jealous, at times, of the relationship between Penny and Sheldon—not romantically, of course. There’s no denying the special bond there. For example, no one else could’ve gotten Sheldon to go to a psychic, not even Leonard. Despite all the insults, it may be the healthiest male/female relationship on the show.

But the Penny/Sheldon interaction doesn’t quite save the episode from an overall lackluster feeling. When I look at some of the bright spots this season, “The Anything Can Happen Recurrence,” seems a bit on the dull side. I actually like the concept of bringing back the “anything can happen Thursday” and the situations it produced, but for some reason, the dialogue seemed a bit off. Sheldon’s lambasting of the psychic notwithstanding, the episode seemed not quite there.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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