The Batman Chronicles


by Britt Franklin

Pre-production has begun on fan-made web series The Batman Chronicles. Chatter has steadily increased since the Christmas Day release of the teaser trailer that prominently features The Joker as he waxes poetic on his wicked dream while shuffling a deck of cards.

Directed by Joe Petruccio and written by Mike Lupia, The Batman Chronicles will follow “the adventures of a young Bruce Wayne, exploring his evolution as Batman, his struggle to clean up the streets of Gotham City and avenge his parents’ death.” Playing the brooding caped hero is Dan Petruccio, who also serves as producer. The more familiar face, however, may be that of Anthony Misiago, also known as Harley’s Joker.

The Southern California actor/director has been spotted at Cons purple-suited up, and images of his Joker cosplay are plastered across the Internet from Reddit to IMDb. Based on the teaser, he truly steps into his role, mastering the notoriously manic laugh of the DC villain.

Well-known Batman costumer Bob Kieffer portrays Commissioner Gordon, who will be one of Batman’s allies as he works to take down the criminal mastermind behind The Red Hood Gang.

As the project is non-profit, they’re relying on the fans to make it happen. For more information, visit The Batman Chronicles on Indiegogo.

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