Game-Inspired Possibilities: Tetris: The Movie


by Brittney Franklin

…Well, not yet. As of now, it’s just Tetris: The Teaser Trailer made by YouTube action flick and gaming aficionados Warialasky.

The trailer stays true to most invasion films, but with giant geometric structures dropping from above, using the cityscape as free space to create the towering puzzles. It’s also worth mentioning that if enough people watch the video, they really will turn it into a movie. Check it out below:

Movies can be made from pretty much anything these days, so why not? As often as I demolished my opponent’s fleet playing Battleship as a kid, I never imagined it would be turned into a movie (much less that aliens would be involved.)

There are a few mock movie posters floating around that give some insight into what other games reworked as films about humanity’s last stand might look like. They had me at Rock, Paper, Scissors. Am I the only one thinking the looming appendages look a lot like souped up droids of Master Hand from Super Smash Bros.? I’m sensing a crossover…

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  1. slbirdsall01June 5th, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Wow…interesting concept. There should definitely be more of a story line behind the Tetris objects. hmm…it’s got my imagination going… 🙂

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