Target to Launch DC Super Hero Girls Merchandise This Spring


By: Karen Valenzuela (@VictoriaNoir89)

Target has just announced a new line of merchandise and it’s a real doozy!

Inspired by the DC Super Hero Girls animated web show that has so far been a huge hit with young girls and their parents, Target decided to introduce a new line of clothing and toys to their stores. Having partnered with both DC and Mattel, they will feature some of DC’s most popular super heroines and super villains, including Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, and others.


Target’s new merch release coincides with DC Super Hero Girls getting its own animated television special on Boomerang, also to be released this spring. You can watch animated shorts online now at if you’re curious about the series. It follows the female superheroes and villains in high school, with who else but Wonder Woman to lead them as they fight crime!

Target is making its own history with this merchandise as well. In their official announcement, they claim these will be some industry-firsts: “the first-ever 6-inch action figure designed for girls; first 12-inch collection of action dolls featuring strong, athletic bodies that stand on their own in heroic poses; and first-ever action role-play toys for girls.”


It’s a testament to the waves female comic book fans are making in the comic industry, and in the entertainment industry as a whole. Little girls love action heroes just as much as little boys do! For young girls who are like I was when I was their age, totally uninterested in Polly Pocket and Barbie, this is a great alternative!

The clothes promote girl power, with messages of courage, intelligence, strength, and heart. And the dolls have moveable limbs, while being able to stand on their own in rad power poses. “It’s time for girls to get their capes on and envision themselves as strong, powerful and connected beings at the center of their own superhero story, and DC Super Hero Girls provides a brand-new, robust universe to do just that,” said Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products and President & Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in the announcement press release. “The toys, dolls, action figures, and books that are rolling out at Target this spring, combined with the fun animated series currently online, feature stories of empowerment, inspiration, and optimism that are relatable to girls. This program is changing the face of superhero culture, and we are really proud of that.”


The merchandise will swing exclusively into US Target stores starting in March 2016, according to the DC Comics website, and will spread worldwide by July 2016.

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