Tangled The Series Review: The Return of Strongbow


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Oh, man. It’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for, “Tangled” fans. 




But first, here’s some news: “Tangled: The Series” is going on a hiatus after this episode!  So far, there are no new episodes scheduled for May, so I’m not sure when the next one will be.  I’ll update this post when the next airdate is announced, okay? So stay tuned!


This Week’s Special Guest


James Monroe Iglehart (Tony Winner for “Best Featured Actor in a Musical” for the Genie in Aladdin, currently playing Lafayette/Jefferson in Broadway’s Hamilton)



The Episode


Eugene is holding a charity fundraiser for the local orphanage with Rapunzel when an old friend from his past comes to visit: Lance Strongbow, who was literally Eugene’s partner-in-crime back in the day.  The two were quite the thieving pair, as we learn from a quick flashback in which they took part in a carriage robbery.  Eugene tries to steal a gorgeous ring from a woman before she knocks him out with a book and their third partner, the Baron, double-crosses them and runs off with the loot.  Perhaps THAT’S where Eugene learned that move he pulls on the Stabbington brothers in the movie!


But while Rapunzel is thrilled to meet someone from Eugene’s past, Cassandra is her usual, distrusting self–but for good reason, this time around.




Lance has come to Corona to ask his old friend for his help in securing a secret cave of treasure that he found out about from an inmate while he was in prison.  Eugene is reluctant, of course: he’s left his life of crime and thievery behind, all thanks to Rapunzel.  But when Lance pushes, telling him that it’s a victimless crime that he just wants to do to help turn his life around like his friend has, he agrees.


The two sneak out of the castle and break into the cave, where Eugene finds out that Lance has lied to him.  It’s not a cave, but the basement of the Baron!  The robbery is just Lance’s way of exacting revenge on the man who swindled them years ago.  Eugene is furious, but he’s in too deep.  They make off with the loot, including the ring that Eugene stole from the book-wielding woman, and head off into the forest.


Meanwhile, Rapunzel and Cassandra are on the hunt for the two men.  The princess is determined to prove both Eugene and Lance’s innocence, while Cass is already convinced that they’re up to no good.  They meet up with them in the forest, where Lance concocts a brilliant lie about the stolen ring, telling Rapunzel that they made a promise to an old nanny of theirs in orphanage that the first one of them to fall in love would give the ring to their beloved.  She’s touched, but Eugene feels more and more guilty, particularly when he remembers that the woman he stole the ring from was Queen Arianna!



He enlists Lance to help him steal the ring back from Rapunzel while she sleeps so that the Queen can’t find out that it was him who stole it (and so that his girlfriend doesn’t find out that he reverted back to his old, “Flynn Rider” ways).  But Rapunzel wakes and Cassandra catches them red-handed, and Eugene is forced to admit the truth to the princess, even with Lance coming clean about the fact that he lied to get his friend’s help.


She’s disappointed, of course, but when Eugene decides to tell the Queen about the ring, she wants to lie for him.  She’s not sure how her parents will react to the news, and she wants to keep him safe.  But Eugene is tired of lying and goes to see the queen .  He tells her the truth, and Arianna is not sure if she can trust him again.



Eugene then apologizes to Rapunzel, gifting her with another ring that he actually bought this time.  And when the Queen sees him and Rapunzel hugging, she decides to keep his secret from King Frederic.  And so, he’s able to stay, though he’s clearly disappointed with himself.


As for Lance, he leaves Corona to cause trouble elsewhere… but before he does, he drops off the entirety (well, almost) of the loot that they had stolen from the Baron as a donation to the local orphanage.  D’awwwww.


Random Thoughts From Shannon’s Brain

  • So how old is Eugene supposed to be? Fairly young, right? Early-to-mid-twenties? Let’s say he’s 25, right? If this is the case, “8 Years Ago” means he was SEVENTEEN in the flashback, which a) I’m impressed at his ability to goatee successfully at that age, b) HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME.  Like, he should DEFINITELY have at least a few zits or something, and c) he should DEFINITELY sound like “very tiny baby” Flynn, instead of “manly man” Flynn.  Have you HEARD 17-yr-old boys’ voices? Okay, this is my only issue with this episode, let’s continue.
  • Can we agree that Shorty has kind of become Rapunzel and Eugene’s weird, surrogate child?
  • AS IF I’M NOT GOING TO MENTION THE FACT THAT EUGENE TOTALLY HAD A THREESOME BACK IN THE DAY AND RAPUNZEL’S JUST LIKE, “WHATEVS”.  I don’t… I don’t know who to high five more: Eugene (for, okay, the threesome, but MORE IMPORTANTLY for snagging Rapunzel who is clearly the catch of all time) or the “Tangled: The Series” writers (FOR PUTTING A THREESOME INNUENDO IN A KID’S CARTOON AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT).  Either way, I’m proud.
  • I feel slightly better that Cassandra basically treats Lance the same way she treats Eugene: utter distaste and distrust.  I mean, she really needs to get over it with Eugene, but at least it makes it seem like it’s not HIM specifically, just anyone with a criminal history.  (Stop being such a Judge-y McJudgerson, Cass.)
  • Um, “Oldie” is definitely Jafar in disguise.  

  • I’m jealous of Cass’s “mom skill” of being able to perfectly swoosh a bedsheet over a bed because I HAVE TRIED SO MANY TIMES, YOU GUYS.
  • Listen, Lance and Eugene’s whole journey to and from the Baron’s basement was Looney-Tune-esque greatness.
  • So Eugene’s first meeting of his future mother-in-law went pretty much EXACTLY how his first meeting with Rapunzel went, hmm? (Queen Arianna’s weapon of choice is a book instead of a frying pan, though.  HOUSEHOLD ITEMS FOR WEAPONS FTW!)
  • “Flynn” is a much better thief than Eugene, wouldn’t you say? I think his guilt got to him.  WHICH IS KIND OF ADORABLE.
  • Different outfit for Rapunzel alert! Those jammies are FAR too fancy, though.  Girl needs some jammie pants.
  • So many references in this episode! Eugene’s face in the frying pan…

…was TOTALLY a throwback to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (I can’t find a clip OR a screenshot, so you’re on your own there), and Rapunzel’s flower ring was so much like Disney’s Robin Hood!

  • So we can all agree that the King TOTALLY would’ve banished Eugene? WAY TO FINALLY QUEEN UP, ARIANNA.

  • Seriously, the only thing missing from this episode was a song between Lance and Eugene.  CAN WE PLEASE GET A FUN SONG BETWEEN LANCE AND EUGENE?  I’m thinking something along the lines of THIS.  


That’s it for this week’s recap!  Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.  I’ll see you when “Tangled: The Series” returns from its hiatus!  

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  1. AnjanetteMay 1st, 2017 at 11:54 am

    I was totally picturing Fandral with the two sisters. Flynn the dashing!.

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