Tangled The Series Review: Episode 2, Rapunzel’s Enemy


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Another week, another new episode of “Tangled: The Series”!  Just a reminder: this is an adult-oriented recap for a family-oriented Disney cartoon, and shouldn’t be read by… well, anyone, really. But definitely not kids, unless you want to explain to the kids what an “bad trip” is, and I’m not talking about a vacation.


Now, let’s get into this week’s episode, “Rapunzel’s Enemy”!


New Characters On This Episode


  • “Uncle” Monty, a sweet shoppe owner


Voiced by Richard Kind (“Gotham”, “Spin City”, and he was also Bing Bong in Inside Out AND NOTHING IS OKAY ANYMORE)




The Episode


It’s the 500th anniversary of the Goodwill Gopher Grab!


And boy, is this a WEIRD tradition for Corona to have.  So, it’s basically the most gorgeous display of lanterns you’ve ever seen in your life OR chasing after a rodent? Okay, Corona, you do you!


Anyway, since it’s Rapunzel’s first time, the king has her redesign the celebration’s “seal of goodwill”, and they present it to the kingdom to much fanfare and applause.  Well, mostly applause, until somebody actually boos the princess! What? Our adorable Rapunzel?!  How can this be?


Nevertheless, she seems to be handling it well, until Eugene learns that Rapunzel doesn’t actually know what “booing” is meant to represent.  When she finds out, bluntly, from Cassandra that it’s a negative reaction, poor Blondie is beside herself.  What has she done to make someone boo her?


While tending to the royal gopher, both Eugene and Cassandra tell her not to worry about it– sometimes people just don’t like you.  After all, they basically can’t stand each other, so this is just a fact of life for them.




But Rapunzel fixates.  And fixates.  And fixates some more until she goes into town and overhears the same voice she heard booing her.  It’s an older gentlemen, and if you can believe it, he boos her again! RUDE.


Back at the castle, Rapunzel draws the man and finds out the boo-er is “Uncle” Monty, an otherwise kind and sweet guy that everyone seems to love.  And that does it for her– she decides to confront Monty at his candy shop and figure out how she did him wrong.


Cassandra, meanwhile, is still readying Gregorio the Gopher while Eugene stresses about Rapunzel’s fixation.  But hang on– they’re HANGING OUT WITHOUT THE PRINCESS, you guys! This is a big step in their frenemy-ship.  I’m so proud of them! Anyway, while left alone with the gopher (that’s showing some TRUST right there, Cass! SEE I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT), Eugene discovers and helps himself to the rodent’s favorite treat: bimberries!


Across town, Rapunzel visits the candy man, hoping to mend fences between them.  And it’s true: Monty does seem like a nice dude.  But then he notices Rapunzel and he becomes a total douche.  Like, I’m sorry YOU DO NOT GIVE PEOPLE UNSANITARY LOLLIPOPS, WHERE IS CORONA’S HEALTH DEPARTMENT?




He also refuses to explain why he hates her, so Rapunzel puts “Operation: Make Stuff” into action.  She knits Monty a scarf, which he hates because it’s flashy green.  She makes him a chocolate sculpture of his head, which he doesn’t like because it’s hollow.  Then she repaints his shop sign, and he gets pissed because it’s not the original sign that his grandfather painted.  I mean, she’s really TRYING, you guys!  And then she gets a better idea: she’ll dress up in a disguise and get to know Monty as a stranger, and hopefully find out why he hates her so much.


Meanwhile, Cassandra is ready to start feeding Gregorio so that he can be energized for the “grab”.  Problem is, Eugene, that GAVONE,  ate all the bimberries.  So Cass basically threatens his life and sends him off to find more.


At the sweet shop, Rapun– er, “MISTY” is making progress and getting along with Monty just fine, since he doesn’t know she’s the princess.  She finds out that it’s his dream to win the Gopher Grab, since winning it is in his family’s blood.  So while she still doesn’t find out why he hates her, she agrees to be Monty’s partner to help him win.


There’s a problem, however: Eugene did find some berries, but he must’ve got them from a shady berry dealer because when Gregorio eats them, and goes on a really bad trip .  Like, a 21 Jump Street level trip (watch out for language in that clip).




(Actually, they’re just the wrong berries– “dimberries”– but I still say they were laced with something.  I don’t know where Eugene gets his fruit, but I hope Maximus was okay after all those apples he got in the movie.)


After the gopher goes all Dr. Gonzo on the Grab participants, he escapes into the forest, tailed by Rapunzel (still in disguise) and Monty.  But in his determination to win, the candy man falls into the river, heading straight for a waterfall.  Of course, Rapunzel is forced to abandon her disguise to save his life.  And you’d think that alone would be enough to make Monty like her, but apparently, he’s annoyed that the arrival of the lost princess has brought about some changes to the kingdom.  Monty doesn’t like change, he likes tradition.




Which apparently, he’s willing to overlook, if Rapunzel hadn’t “made a fool out of him” by lying and disguising herself.  Like, what, Monty? The only one who witnessed any of that was doped-up gopher, and he’ll probably just chalk it up to some kind of fevered hallucination.


With that nonsense, Rapunzel decides that she doesn’t like him either, and they agree to simply not like each other or be friends for the foreseeable future.  I mean, she even boos him when he accepts his award!  Because not everybody has like everybody.


… But, of course she still actually likes him.  She’s Rapunzel and clearly incapable of being adorable (which means Monty TOTALLY has a secret fondness for her, too).


Random Thoughts From Shannon’s Brain


  • If you were reminded of The Princess Bride when Monty started booing, you get a high five.
  • Gregorio is one seriously Jabba-looking rodent.
  • I am LIVING for Eugene and Cassandra’s relationship in this week’s episode.  If we continue to get insults traded back and forth between them until the end of time with an eventual, begrudging trust and friendship that neither of them really want to admit to, I AM HERE FOR IT.
  • Speaking of Eugene, he didn’t get kiss-blocked in this episode! WAY TO GO, EUGENE!
  • I AM SO HAPPY THAT MY FAVORITE GUARD, STAN, HAS RETURNED.  But it looks like he was forced to stop wearing Eugene’s cravat-y thing.  STOP SUPPRESSING STAN’S INDIVIDUALITY, ROYAL GUARDS!
  • I’m somewhat concerned that Rapunzel doesn’t know what booing means, but that she knows what a SWEAT SHOP is. Like, what was in those three books she read over and over in her tower?
  • Clearly, Cassandra has gotten better with the whole “hiding a ton of hair under a wig thing”.  Where was that brunette wig during the coronation?!
  • I would like to admit that I made a politically-charged statement about Monty during the episode, which I am deciding NOT to share in the interest of… well, everyone.  BUT IT’S STILL TRUE, WHICH IS WHY I EVEN HAD TO ADD THIS.  More vague commentary on current events! I’m waiting for next week’s episode to somehow teach us something about stem cell research or something.
  • Interesting fact: Zachary Levi provided the voice of Feldspar, the guy yelling “Boots for Sale!” towards the beginning of the episode.  Feldspar is TOTALLY King Candy‘s long-lost cousin.  Like, LISTEN to him, you’ll understand what I mean.  I don’t quite know how a video game character and a guy from a faraway kingdom of the past can be related, but it’s Disney, so anything is possible.


That’s it for this week’s recap! Let us know what you thought about the episode in the comments below.  We’ll see you next week!


  1. JoeyApril 4th, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Maybe Eugene and Cassandra are brother and sister.

  2. MollyApril 6th, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    This episode has not been showed in Canada yet but I like spoilers soooooo it’s all good

  3. EmmaJune 6th, 2017 at 5:54 am

    Oh my gosh I totally though it was the guy that voiced king candy when I heard it too!!!

  4. SarahJune 6th, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    So I totally thought the same thing as you about the “politically charged statement” they were trying to make. I was thinking….seriously? In a children’s cartoon?

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