Supernatural: Trial and Error


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


Hello hellhounds, goofer dust, Kevin, Hercules and a billionaire family. Supernatural has brought back the magic, literally and figuratively, this episode. The main story arc is finally coming together combining all elements of what we have seen this far. Kevin has been reintroduced and boy does he have news. The tablet in Operation Demonstruction has a very important task for the Winchesters; let’s call them The Hercules Trials. So The Hercules Trials are trials that God set up to make sure whoever closed the gates to hell forever would be worthy; kind of like the goblet of fire. The first trial Kevin could decipher was to kill and bathe in the blood of a hellhound. How fun, especially considering the Winchesters’ memorable experiences with the bloodthirsty monsters.

The episode opens with Dean making himself at home in The Men of Letters bunker by adding guns to the wall and a picture of his mother on the desk. Sam makes himself at home by reading more of their books. It’s commendable that Supernatural writers have decided to give Dean a room, finally. They have a home to come back to after their Hercules adventures. And Dean finally made food himself. Granted that it was a burger, but at least it wasn’t made at an In ‘N’ Out. The episode also showed us that Kevin has adopted ye old Sam way of living when Dean was in Hell: a really destructive routine. Aspirin, no sleep and the unending deciphering of a tablet written in Enochian make Kevin a damaged boy. And although Dean was kidding about Kevin overdosing on his medicine, it’s a very real possibility. Methinks I see a life-or-death moment at a climax in the future. Sam mentioned that the whole destroying demons thing is a marathon, not a sprint. They also uncovered a way to see hellhounds, which would’ve been unbelievably helpful in their Lilith days. Burning glasses in holy oil. Side note: Dean and Sam look pretty good in glasses.

This week dealt the idea of Dean becoming the Hercules of the 21st Century, after Sam and Dean had their first heart-to-heart in a long time that hadn’t ended in a fight about Benny or Amelia. Dean decided that he saw no light at the end of the tunnel like Sam did and wanted Sam to live a normal life, get married and have kids. Word for word he wanted him to live until he’s “fat, bald and chugging Viagra.” The American Dream for the Winchester boys. But as The Winchester Way goes, Sam got through the first trial, not Dean. So Supernatural has brought the big guns in as they enter uncharted territory. All bets on the third and final trial taking place somewhere near the Men of Letters bunker. As Sam spoke Enochian and his arm pulsated and glowed a thought struck me. Is Sam going to turn into an angel if he completes all the challenges? And on that bombshell, until next time Supernaturalers.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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