Supernatural: Torn and Frayed


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoiler Alert!  Season 8, Episode 10 – if you haven’t seen it, you better stop reading.

Then: Dean tricked  Sam into checking on Amelia. Amelia followed Sam. Sam found out about  Benny. Benny killed Martin. And Cas is still under the control of Naomi,  super angel.

Now: This episode’s  title is just right in so many different ways. Every character has found  themselves at the end of their rope. Benny is about to fall off the  blood wagon. Dean cuts off ties with Benny. Sam cuts off ties with Amelia.  Kevin cuts off all ties with the outside world. And Castiel cuts into  a fellow angel. The only character who got a positive out of a “let’s-drag-everyone-through-the-ringer”  episode was Crawley, who got his fun out of torturing Alfie then getting  valuable information out of him; something about the existence of The  Angel Tablet. That could be important right?

This week  presented us with the conclusion of many loose ends that have been floating  around this season. The main argument showcased the endless disputes  between Sam and Dean because of their respective ‘others’: Sam’s Amelia  and Dean’s Benny. Dean couldn’t understand Sam’s ability to separate  the job from another life and Sam couldn’t comprehend Dean’s newfound  comradeship with a ‘blood sucker.’ In many ways this episode defined  the way the brothers would interact with each other for the rest of  the season. It could go one of two ways. They might both blame each  other for the loss of friendship or love, or they might continue on  ignoring the grudge and realizing that in every situation that they  have cared for an “outsider” they have either died or been  in danger of dying. Another questionable story arc was that of Castiel  and Naomi. Who on earth and literal Heaven is she? Why is she controlling  Castiel? And what is Cas going to think about this entire fiasco when  he snaps back to his senses? Finally, the Winchesters have caught wind  of the eeriness of Cas’ behavior. I mean, if Cas killing Alfie (while  the entire mission was about saving him) isn’t a neon sign made of Angel  Halos, then I don’t know what is.

The brief  interaction with Kevin brought us back to the dark side of working for  the good guys. Kevin is so consumed with decoding the tablet that he  had banished himself to his own version of ‘the desert’ until his work  is done. His ties with Garth, Dean, Sam and his own mother have been  severed and as Cas put it he looks “terrible.” Benny, our  favorite Vampirate, has also seen better days. While creepily standing  in a park watching a family, he calls Dean for help. Benny’s down to  his last juice carton of blood and with Dean cutting all ties with him,  methinks I see him turning back to his old ways.

This week  was also the week of ultimatums. Sam was faced with two, kind of a double-edged  sword; Dean offered him a final in or out, as did Amelia. And Sam picked  his partner in actual crime, of course. So we’re back at Square Lonely  and On The Road as Sam and Dean are Cas-less and none the wiser to the  bigger cogs in motion.

A few note-worthy  moments of this episode:

1. The music was amazing and I now have more Supernatural-worthy tracks to buy.

2. I love  that Cas went around saving babies as penance.

3. Dean should  really put his laptop to better use.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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