Supernatural: #THINMAN


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


Can you believe that it has been five seasons since the Ghostfacers graced us with their presence? Now as we reside in the age of hashtags and selfies, the Ghostfacers have been plummeted back into the Winchester’s lives. Their case; a woman died after a mysterious figure with no face appeared in the background of her selfie. Ed and Harry (The Ghostfacers) were in the middle of investigating ThinMan (a nod to tall, thin, faceless Slenderman by any chance) while they crossed paths with Sam and Dean. Although the brothers were amidst their domestic-brotherly-bi-season-disagreement, they projected their anger onto Ed and Harry.

As it turns out, ThinMan was a complete fabrication of Ed’s imagination. We should have known from the insanely creative name. Harry threatened to leave Ed for a real-life relationship with a real-life girl so Ed made ThinMan up to keep Harry interested. As a result, Harry’s beau changed her relationship status on Facebook to it’s complicated. You know what they say; it’s not official unless it’s Facebook official. This storyline is directly parallel to that of Sam and Dean’s little dispute; Sam wants to be normal, Dean doesn’t want to be alone. So while Sam and Dean projected their annoyance onto the strange, half-bearded duo, their woes were being reflected right back onto them. Now although ThinMan wasn’t real; someone was behind those killings. Yes, someone. Not something. Two really creepy, crazed and dressed up men were behind them. The last oh-no-humans-are-sometimes-crazier-than-demons episode was The Benders and we all know how creepy that was.

As for Sam and Dean, yes they’re still fighting but they still have their brotherly moments. Dean recalled when Sam broke his arm trying to fly as Batman after Dean flew as Superman… Seriously, Sam? Batman can’t fly. Listen to your brother. Then again when crazy ThinMan accomplice almost killed Dean, Sam looked pretty upset, I would have been a bit worried if he didn’t; even after his “I wouldn’t save you speech” earlier in the season. However, apart from those two heart-warming moments, the brothers are not budging. Harry didn’t help the situation by stating that he’d never forgive Ed for the lies and betrayal. Remember, “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them;” the wise words of Bruce Lee. So as the episodes go on, a conclusion needs to be met. The Winchesters must once again forgive each other. I mean who else do they have with Kevin gone and Cas on the cusp of taking over heaven?

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. darciMarch 27th, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    I liked the clever homage to the Slender Man phenomenon/meme – I wonder how many people looked that up for the first time after watching this episode…and also went down the rabbit’s hole into the Something Awful forums haha.

    I also loved that they used “This House Is A Hotel” by The Wind + The Wave during the selfie scene scene when she notices that there appears to be someone standing behind her in one of the photos, the song really added to the eerieness in a weird way, kind of like in Silence of the Lambs when the girl is singing Tom Petty’s “American Girl” before being abducted.

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