Supernatural: The Great Escapist


by Noor Alnaqeeb


Ben Edlund worked a whole lot of Supernatural magic into this integral episode to this season’s arc. The trials are coming to an end and everything is coming together. Cas was caught by Naomi, kidnapped by Crowley, shot by Crowley then almost run over by Dean. It was revealed that Kevin was taken by Crowley and had method demon actors pretending to be Dean and Sam tricking Kevin into giving up the tablet’s coordinates. Garth is missing in action, which makes me wonder whether or not he’s ever coming back.

The characterizations of Sam and Dean have come along way since the first episode of this season where all they seemed to do was fight over Benny and Amelia. This week they shared their insecurities, Dean tried to take care of Sam’s crashing immune system and Sam confided in Sam that he feels like the trials and “purifying” him. Memories of his childhood came to light, like when he remembered that he thought he could never have a “quest” like the one Dean read to him because he wasn’t pure. Both actors beautifully played out the scene and emotional chords were struck all over the place. Conversely, I thoroughly enjoyed both Padalecki and Ackles playing demons playing Sam and Dean.

Cas had spent his ‘missing in action’ days trying to dodge the Angel Police. Naomi, being the heartless machine she is, got her hands dirty and massacred the crowd at Biggersons to get Castiel’s attention. And it worked; he stopped running. Apparently, through Naomi’s obvious irritation with him, Castiel has always been “the spanner in the works” never doing exactly what he was told. God love him, mankind certainly does. His undying compassion for humans, disregarding the small Leviathan debacle, really is evident in this episode. The angels’ interrogation session was rudely interrupted by none other than Crowley, with a nifty angel-killing gun. Crowley took a whole two minutes to figure out that Castiel had never let go of the angel tablet and that it was in fact, within him. Gross, but narratively rewarding.

Curtis Armstrong was presented to us as Metatron, the infamous scribe to the word of God. Finally, someone to answer for all the traumas and trials (literally) the Winchesters have gone through. But as is an expected letdown, the being had no answers. He had, in fact, locked himself away reading stories for generations upon generations because archangels got stroppy when Daddy left and he thought they might go after him for the tablets (in order to rule the world and all that). Sam and Dean forced Metatron to look at the suffering of mankind that angels had inflicted on them. Specifically, to take a look at Kevin Tran whom the Winchesters thought was dead at the time. Metatron was swayed by the determination of the brothers (and maybe a bit of Sam’s deliriousness) and took a look at a soon-to-be dead Kevin, brought him back to the hotel room the Winchesters were in and brought him back to life.

This episode left us with a physically bruised and battered Castiel, an emotionally bruised and battered Kevin and a severely messed up Sam, but we are one step closer to the penultimate episode and season finale that will definitely knock our socks off.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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