Supernatural: Taxi Driver


by Noor Alnaqeeb


In good old-fashioned Supernatural style, this week’s episode was the frequent revisit to characters we had written out of the Supernatural cast “for good.” We all remember how many times Sam and Dean have died but what about Meg, Castiel and now Bobby. Bobby has died countless times and fans have cried over his departure time and time again. And then this episode we found him once more, in Hell. Kevin Tran has finally translated the second trial. Kevin Tran has also gone completely off the rails, thinking Crowley is stuck in his mind. Throughout the episode it is obvious that Kevin is suffering from a severe case of season-six Sam and his caged-in-with-Lucifer syndrome. However, near the end of the episode things become unclear as Crowley appears in person, not as an ominous voice in Kevin’s mind, explaining that Kevin’s mother was dead and they forced his location out of her. But it was unclear whether or not Kevin had gone completely loco and left the place out of paranoia or Crowley had done a really good job of covering his tracks after obliterating him. Either way, Kevin had the sense, or nonsense, to hide the tablet before disappearing.

The second trial was to rescue a soul from Hell and return them unto Heaven. After they seek out a crossroads demon and torture the truth out of him, they find a taxi driver who doubles as a cabbie who makes frequent trips to Hell and back. A rogue reaper, he calls himself. Fittingly, said taxi driver happens to mention that he himself drove Bobby Singer to Hell. So conveniently, their “good soul” that they’re saving from Hell and returning to heaven, is Bobby. To get to Hell, Sam had to go through Purgatory. This twist in the tale proved to be an interesting way to link back to how Sam and Dean never really spoke of how bad Purgatory really was. Now Sam got to experience it for himself. The deal was that Sam would be left in Purgatory to find his own way to Hell through a portal and would meet the taxi driver exactly twenty-four hours later with Bobby. Add an eavesdropping demon into the mix and the plans were deterred as Crowley killed the reaper and decided to ambush them instead.

Sam had no trouble finding Bobby, but Bobby had trouble believing Sam wasn’t a demon. Apparently, in Hell Bobby’s form of torture was to be greeted by hundreds of black-eyed Sams and Deans a day. After Sam dropped the entertaining bomb that Bobby had a manicure that changed his life at the Mall of America and therefore he must be the real Sam because what demon would want to know that kind of information? As Bobby and Sam leave Hell they find themselves stuck in Purgatory with plenty of time to catch Bobby up on what he’s missed and just enough time to hear Bobby say “balls” at least one more time. As for what Bobby missed? It was nothing really, just a life-changing tablet or two and Dean’s affiliation with a vampire. Yes, Benny. He’s back… and gone in the same episode. Dean realizes that the cabbie is dead and Naomi tells him that they’re way of passage is through purgatory. Dean then calls up Benny and asks for a favor. Hey man can I please behead you so you can go back to your form of Hell and save my brother who just so happens to hate you? Thanks. But that is exactly what Benny does, after a touching goodbye we know that this is the last (maybe) we’re going to see of Benny. And as we called it, Benny did not make it back topside, by his own accord. As Bobby rides Sam’s arm back to Earth and is released into the sky to carry on upwards to heaven, Crowley stops them. Naomi stops Crowley. Bobby is in Heaven and Sam has finished the second trial. Only problem is, what is the step forward when Cas is gone and Kevin is missing?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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