Supernatural – Slumber Party


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

CHARLIE. Charlie is back for one of the most bizarre Supernatural episodes we’ve seen in a long time. In a very Halloween-esque episode, the history of the Men of Letters was explored a bit more with the Wicked Witch. Specifically, the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Minus the tin man, lion and scarecrow, Dorothy wandered into Supernatural after a glass jar containing her soul intertwined with the wicked witch’s soul was broken.

Dorothy, the cute kid from the books, wasn’t in pigtails and a plaid dress but instead in a leather jacket and packing heat. Dorothy was a hunter and her father, the author of the books, was a member of the Men of Letters. On a Wicked Witch hunt gone wrong, Dorothy brought the witch to the headquarters in order to find a way to kill her. After proving unsuccessful even with the Men of Letters’ brainiacs on her side, she bound her soul with the witch’s and trapped herself in a glass jar for 75 years. That is, until Dean knocked something over and released both their souls into the modern world. Typical Dean. Supernatural’s favorite genius, Charlie, was reintroduced to help the Winchesters reroute their ‘magical’ computers as a way to track the angels that are out for Cas; this episode’s only tie into this season’s major plot arc.

Side note: if you’re looking for Halloween costume tips tomorrow; you could go for a traditional Halloween approach with the wicked witch get up. Black eyes, black teeth, crazy hair; you can’t go wrong.

Dorothy, Dean, Sam and Charlie teamed up to find the witch and kill her before she found the key to Oz and released her fiery wrath upon the land. Nothing went wrong really, except for Charlie dying, Dean calling Ezekiel to bring Charlie back to life and Sam almost finding out that there’s an angel inside of him. Alas, the episode ended well with no casualties, except for the witch with a ruby heel to the back. One other thing, the Winchesters are going to have to find a new favorite nerd as this one has hitched a ride to Oz… to continue a revolution… with Dorothy. Guess you found your adventure, Charlie. You have to admire the originality of the plot twists, questionable as they might be.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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