Supernatural: Sharp Teeth


By Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Warning: spoilers!

There’s a reason Garth has been MIA and it’s because he’s had a change of lifestyle; from hunting monsters to becoming one, our quirky Garth is now a werewolf. The episode began with the brothers reunited after hearing that Garth had been rendered unconscious and was held in a hospital after being charged with the murder of a cow. As the cogs turned and all sorts of hunting practices and theories to do with cow blood churned in my mind, I didn’t see the outcome resulting in Garth admitting he is a furry creature of the night. However, it gets more complicated. Six months ago, around the time Garth disappeared from Sam and Dean’s radar, he had been chasing a werewolf and right before killing it, got bitten himself. So he did what any hunter would do; he ate his favorite meal and watched his favorite movie (Rocky) and was ready to put a bullet in his head. Until Bess came along, saved him, married him and introduced him to her church full of werewolves that do not eat human hearts. A church of humane werewolves, now that’s one I haven’t heard before.

As any hunter would, Sam and Dean questioned the legitimacy of this church’s claims so Garth invited Dean to dinner while Sam sniffed around the town for news of any strange werewolf-related murders. What proceeded was the wackiest family dinner I have ever witnessed; everyone had a plate full of cow hearts (except Dean who was offered pie). Father Jim, Bess’s dad and the head of the church, spoke of how they decided to forgive humans instead of seeking revenge for the murder of his wife. We were introduced to his second wife; Joy – a wholesome preacher’s wife. Yes, it did all seem too clean and yes, something was wrong with the whole picture. But our traditional expectations of the Winchesters finding out everyone who says they’re good aren’t who they say they are, were challenged. After kidnapping Garth, Bess and Sam it’s safe to say Joy is the bad one. It came to light that her father used to run the church under very different ideals before his passing; the ideals of destroying every human until werewolves rule the world. A bit ambitious, but A+ for effort. While Dean confronted Father Jim, who had nothing to do with the “old ways of the church”, they came to the conclusion that Joy must be behind it.

In a traditional face-off between the good, the bad and the Winchesters, Joy was killed and Bess and Garth were saved. This episode held a double meaning for the Winchesters; that trust is an important part of a family bond; one that can easily be broken, and that everything is a little easier with family by your side. As a result, Sam and Dean decided they shouldn’t continue on their separate ways, but Sam stated that he would not be able to trust Dean the way he is supposed to. I mean after conning him out of his own death countless times, we understand why. This episode gave us closure on Garth’s whereabouts, but it is unclear which direction this season will take us in the upcoming episodes; will it be the destruction of Abadon or the search for Gadreel?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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