Supernatural: Season 10 Premiere: Black


By: Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

The first notable thing about this season: the opening sequence. Every season, ‘Supernatural’ appears in a setting indicative of what’s going to be important this season. A pentagram is featured in this season’s opening credits and pentagrams usually mean witchcraft.

Four weeks after Dean disappeared with Crowley, Sam is still looking for his demonic-turned brother, but to no avail. Sam finds a lead on a father who went missing after killing his family and calls Cas to follow it up, but it soon becomes apparent that Cas is not in the right frame of mind and his loss of grace has left him sick and weak. Both of them agree to stay divided, but both have no idea what has happened to Dean. But then of course, it cuts to Dean singing karaoke in a bar somewhere eyeing up a blonde with Crowley sitting by the bar. Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway: “Huh?” Looks like Dean and Crowley are the new duo on the scene; a pair of “rolling stones” as Crowley puts it.

Dean is going around killing the remaining followers of Abadon while Sam finally starts to realize the truth about his brother; that he’s not possessed, but his demonic tendencies are a part of Dean’s soul or lack thereof. Sam gets a lead on Crowley and tracks his location down. But while trying to get there he’s attacked and abducted by a guy who gets his orders from a mysterious fax. This undeniably strange dynamic between Crowley and Dean is odd, but satisfying. So what are they doing with each other? Crowley wants to create the perfect Hell with Dean. Dean seems to be hanging with Crowley in order to stay human. Crowley has been sending Abadon’s followers to attack Dean and maintain his humanity. As soon as Dean forgets why he’s human, his demonic side will start taking over. But there are a few other things in the mix.

Karma’s calling, Dean. And they have Sam. ‘Karma’, or let’s call him ‘mysterious fax guy’ called Dean on Sam’s phone and threatened to take Sam’s life if Dean didn’t make a trade. Dean responded with his typical cool boy attitude, but with a side of “kill my brother, see if I care”. This season sets up a really interesting dynamic between the brothers tainted by Crowley’s influence. This mysterious fax guy adds a whole new layer to what the Winchesters will face this season; and where they’ll find themselves in the next episode is exciting and anything but clear.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

P.S.: That music in the last scene: eerie and awesome.

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